what do you miss from d2?

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you can't wp to any act.
other then that, nothing.
An Iconic NPC that guided you thrughout the whole game : Decard Cain

ID all

Tradeable runes, charms, and jewels.

Interesting and usefull but not necessarily tradeable items.

RuneWords(allowing you to BUILD a usefull item in case you didnt find one).
Same goes for sockets and socketing because one could place a combination of gems skulls runes and jewels into an item. This made white items usefull, and valueable and tradeable.

Really rare RARE(yellow) items and crafted(orange) items that were more powerfull than uniques and runewords.

Exceedingly rare blue items that were some of the best items in the game.

Auras - might, thorns, h-shock, redemption, conviction.

O-skills - the fact that one class of character could obtain skills of another class with the right item.

Monster immunities that were breakable!

Arreat summit.
-the joy of making a new character and planning him out.
I must have made 20+ characters of each class that I leveled to lvl 80+

-Ironman duels where 8 players would make level 1 hardcore characters and level them to lvl 9 together then fight to the death with whatever we found along the way.

- Item value being spread throughout the entire game instead of just the end of it. You could save up chipped gems or farm in nightmare and trade your way up to be good enough to run hell.
Cain and his horodic cube they killed him in d3.
I don't miss it because I still play it.
The biggest thing I miss from D2 is having the ability to be rewarded for my time playing.

I always found something decent that I could either use or sell or trade.

In D3, I get nothing but vendor trash or salvage almost every single time.
Custom games + ID all
Named games, chat lobbies, ladder, way point to anywhere, identify all option, runes, skill points/stat points, 8 players
something i recently started to miss was the feeling of finishing something at the end of runs. after you were done with chaos and killed diablo it felt like that marked the end of the run, now it just feels like you finish when you feel like it. unless you are doing key runs. hopefully the farming the new plans will give me this feeling again, but i would like to not feel like im wasting my time by killing a boss.
The Character classes in general. I loved my Zookeeper and Werewolf...soloing Uber was actually rewarding.
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The Character classes in general. I loved my Zookeeper and Werewolf...soloing Uber was actually rewarding.

I loved my Summon Grizzly Druid for camping the town entrance while people dueled
Summoning Necromancer
Charms! CHARMS!
The game being fun
advertising unidentified SOJ's for trade, to give ppl a good laugh.

In game and out of game chat, helping some one with a build and getting help with a build.

being part of a clan.

The social aspects being fun between the times when the game itself got boring or frustrating.
The atmosphere.

D2 had a really eerie atmosphere that D3 doesn't even come close to. If anything, I miss the well written story and dark gothic overtones that D3 sorely lacks.

Other than that, I really didn't like anything else about D2.
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You guys and gals all know you can still play d2..........

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