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hello Blizzard I have a Nvidia GeForce 210 and my computer ran perfectly fine with no lag and now you release this new patch 1.0.6a - 1.0.6a.13644 and now you say that my graphics card is unsupported and now i can't play on Diablo 3 and i don't want to quit playing Diablo 3 i want to keep playing it but now that this new patch of 1.0.6a.13644 says that my graphics card isn't supported and just won't run and sends me to the unsupported graphics card lists and mine isn't even up there like really, if it's not supported then show that it's not supported don't just kick me from the game start-up screen please let me play the game please blizzard
I want to say try updating your drivers but I don't know if they still support that card. Cant hurt of course.
i did update the drivers just today and tried again and still it doesn't support that card
Press escape after you see the blizz notice
Here this help you out
Just hit "ESC" and restart D3, alot of people are experiancing this and are resolving it with the button "ESC" and simply restarting d3.

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