AMD Catalyst and D3, many problems

Technical Support
I have no idea what's going on

I run metro 2033 / facry / skyrim on max settings for hours

However, diablo just keeps on freezing...
I'm running an AMD card (radeon HD 6850) and i'm not having any issues so there should be a solution.

in any case, you'll probably have better luck getting a blue response on the tech support forums.
I'm running the same card as padako and I'm having issues /sometimes/

Today it was too much to handle so I rage quit and opened a different game.
ATI and AMD are terrible. Now you know why.
I dunno, I have an AMD/ATI Radeon set-up, and I'm not noticing any graphics card issues.

Catalyst should have updated recently (I know mine did) -- are you using the most current drivers for your card? I ask because it's the 1st question that Tech Support will ask, so you may as well have the answer ready.
I'm using AMD/ATI setup (A4 3300/Radeon 6670) and I don't have any gamebreaking issues. I still have the lag problem I had from my q6600/Geforce 9800gt. Supposedly has something to do with how the game caches data. When the game loads the maps/textures/etc for the first time, it'll lag or freeze very hard but once it does, the game plays just fine.
Radeon 6950's overclocked, no problems ever.
Mobile 5730 on my laptop and 7870 on my desktop. Never any problems with D3.
AMD Radeon 6900 HD and 0 problems

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