Free MP10 Uber run carry service.

My partner (either Monk/Wiz) and I will be providing Uber MP10 carry run for those who want guaranteed organs.

Free. Just bring 3 machines.

msg me. First come first serve.
15min avg run.

I will take tip if you happened to craft usable hellfire ring. Tip is appreciated but not required.

Will be on and off throughout the day. Just send the request.
Just ran me and my friend through with no trouble. Quite fast, and got my three organs. Thanks!
Just got run through with no problems. Excellent service!
Just sent a request, i have 6 machines on me if you want to run.
hey, are you still on? think you could run me through i have 3 machines. thanks
Can help you carry if you want pm me
Did a run with yoda last night, very quick and smooth. Went perfectly and didn't charge anything. Thanks again Yoda
Just sent a request. Thanks in advance!
I will be on once my wife gets home. i will accept your f list once she gets home. Stay tuned.
Also did a run with him, good man right here.
Quick and perfect. Great team to work with!
Thanks again for the great run yodatoy. Great guy for those looking for mp10 uber runs.
yoda and another wiza rushed me through in about 20 mins. quick and professional, many thanks!
will be on again today. on and off. first come first serve.
Ran me through tonight in about 15 minutes. Quick and Easy!
Sent you a friend request. :D
Hi Yodatoy, have sent fren request. Have 3 machines. Live in Asia but will work with your timing. Will be my 1st hellfire ring.

Thank you.

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