Auction House Issues - February 8

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Sold an item on the 31 of last month and still haven't been paid.. So three items after and already been paid a few days ago..
Some suggestions to make AH search better

Add a Class Specific filter

Sets/Legends have stats not available on normal items, add all stats in so ideal item can be searched for. An unknown Set/Leg may appear that suits need

When doing a "Search for Similar Item" with Set/Leg, all you get is the specified item. The search does not carry over stats as per rare search does. I suggest if you have an equipped item and do such a search, you would expect only better items to display as per rares do.

As an example, do a search for a SoJ, Cold Damage, 30% elite damage, 5 Fury reduction for Whirlwind, and of course, get a Barb set only to show.

EDIT Add a refresh button to players auctions screen. You can get told to refresh search results when trying to bid again here, and there is no way you can do it without going out of menu and doing a new search for applicable item, and then hope it it transcribes back to your menu
I have been unable to retrieve an expired item from the RMAH. It happened twice to the same item. Got it back after 5 days the first time and after 3 days the second time. I freaked out the first time it happened.
02/08/2013 07:27 PMPosted by YORI
i cant send my 9000 flawless gems to my stash, its been 4 days now. i dont get a error code. just says cant send too stash.

You probably dont have enough stash space to accomadate 90 slots of gems.
Yay! It's fixed! Now go and buy my stuff!
Thank you for making a centralized thread.

I had a batch of ten items in Gold AH which were set to expire sometime within the latest AH maintenance downtime. Of the ten, three sold, four returned, and three are missing. No record of expiration or sale in the log, not present in my AH stash.

Certain items continue to have extensively long periods of processing in any manner of listing and canceling, and the tab showing current and completed auctions takes an extraordinary amount of time to load when first logged into the game.
AH is very fast now, unlike before that you have to wait 1 or 2 minutes to have your items posted or taken from completed tab. Good job!
Tried to cancel an item that had 2h left in the RMAH, gave me an error 31006 each time I tried to cancel it. Now it has expired, but sits in the tab as Expired rather than completing and allowing me to move it to my stash and repost.
found an item today, upon posting to the GAH, after a delay, got message "due to heavy...", after 30 minutes tried looking up item, wasn't able to find it.

only workaround that I found for this is to die with item equipped, then post to AH.

Both AH maintenances didn't solve it. after the last maintenance there was an improvement in amount of items bugging out though.
Not sure why but sometimes I got outbidded the moment I placed a bid regardless of minimum bid entered or some random number?
An item was listed on the GAH. It had bids and no buyout price. When the time left was approximately 3 hours, the bid price suddenly changed to 0, and buyout N/A. When you try to place a bid, you will get error 31041 regardless of whatever amount you bid.

Needless to say, the item listing vanished after the expiry date, who knows if someone actually got the item.
@amakusashino someones max bid is higher than your bid that's why you are instantly outbid actualy it should say bid is to low for example

item bid price showing at 5000 but someones put 60000 as max bid now if you put 5500 your bid would be to low than the auction price will be 5% higher than your 5500 until you pass 60000

atleast that's how I think it works
Thank you for fixing the auction house! It was horribly slow the past few weeks and now it is lightning quick. I really enjoy this improvement! Thank you.

I used to have issues with two specific items, whenever I tried to list them, cancel their auctions or send them to stash there would be huge delays. After reading this thread , I tried them again and they no longer have the issue.
1. Still long load time on initial opening of any pages in gold AH.

2. Experiencing same this as Rageguy above (post # 32), where the item disappears and the min. bid amount is changed to 0 before the auction is set to expire. This has occurred 4 times and always on items i really wanted.

3. There are still occasions where it takes 20-30 seconds for an item to move from completed into stash or to post an item for sale.
How about duping issues at AH?
I can't sell some if my items on the auction house! Fix this please. :(
02/08/2013 08:11 PMPosted by MajicMan
was on earlier this morning and bought out ik armor still hasnt shown up in my completed items but the gold is gone

I bought a new ik helm early last week it just showed up. So I hope you have the same luck. Should we create a ticket before two weeks or still wait. I got a refund for a weapon that showed up in my tab but I could not send to the stash. The cash disappeared from the completed tab later that day and has not shown up in a week. Should I wait longer, create a ticket, or count the millions as a loss?
02/08/2013 07:24 PMPosted by Lylirra
I dont know what time zone you are in but it is February 8 where I am!

I think I broke my TARDIS. :(

i could repair it for you.

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