Diablo III Doesn't Respect Color/Gamma Levels

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I have proper monitor settings set from my GPU control panel (Catalyst) and majority of other games and the OS respect it.

Diablo III on the other hand, does not. In fullscreen, I notice how bad the gamma is. The in-game gamma setting doesn't even appear to actually adjust "gamma" either, looks like it only affects brightness (there's apparently a difference between the two).

A solution is to just use fullscreen windowed mode, but this introduces some weird microstuttering on my computer, along with causing an in-game overlay I use to act strangely.

Any suggestions?

Same issue here. Happening since the game release (and for what I've read, even happened during the Beta).
I've tried everything, from switching drivers to forcing gamma seetings using nVidia control panel.
Nothing works.
Game in fullscreen is (extremely) dark on my PC, to the point of being unplayable, no matter what (both using the laptop screen or when attached to an external monitor with levels to full). Gamma slider under Options does not work as intended, increasing game brightness but also saturating and distorting a lot the game colors (and making the game look like crap), instead of properly controlling the Gamma.

Playing in windowed mode use the desktop gamma, which is a relief and makes the game look much better, BUT at least on my laptop, performance takes a deep dive in windowed, (not only in raw FPS, but also increasing stutter pauses during gameplay).
So it is a hard choice between too dark/weird colors or choppy framerate...

Even posted a couple of times about this before, but no answer were given.

I was hoping to get good news from the 1.07 update regarding this issue, but it seems we are out of luck.

Blizzard, please, take a look at this.


Looking again this thread ->
I found one post from a AMD/ATI user saying that rolling back to a previous driver solved the darkness/gamma issue in fullscreen.
Unfortunately, I use a NVidia card, so that fix from ATI/AMD Catalyst video cards does not apply to us. I tried all WHQL (and many beta) nvidia drivers since the game release without success.

Also, it seems that the 10.4 Catalyst drivers had a 'bug' in which the desktop gamma settings were being erroneusly carried over to Direct 3D applications in some scenarios. This had the beneficial side effect of making Diablo 3 looking good again overriding the fullscreen darkness and lack of true gamma setting, but as soon as ATI/AMD fixed that issue on following driver releases, the lucky-workaround stopped working.

Please, someone at Blizz take a look at this. Cannot be too hard to isolate and fix, and the last (and only) time a blue poster answered to this issue was on May 15th 2012, almost a year ago...
( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4079097904 )


Hmm, I have AMD, but I really don't want to revert my drivers that far (I need some fixes in newer drivers).

Not sure what the other games are doing to respect the gamma levels, but surely D3 should be able to do so too?
Bump. I'll continue to bump this thread until there's some kind of response...
Bump. This is ridiculous...
Another bump. This is just really silly at this point and I'm about to just give up on this... WoW has an option to use Desktop Gamma, and SC2 has a proper gamma slider in-game. What is really so hard about implementing either (or even both) in D3?

Should I just give up on this and move to another game instead? PoE actually respects my gamma settings from Desktop...

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