Free set for a lucky monk!

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I'm putting together a starter set for a monk struggling to get started I have most of the pieces just waiting for some auctions to end to get there rest of them. I'm not exactly sure on what the final stats will be but it wont be anything godly obviously just been feeling very generous and want to give back the community. All you have to do is post to enter and I'll select a winner based on your profile.

The set being given away is on my male monk if anyone wants to look at it.

Well final stats are
34k DPS
746 All Resist with OwE
48k HP
1.6k Life on Hit

This is definitely more of a defensive build with reduction from litany and what not. It's just a beginners set I only spent a couple mil on it but does have some nice items. I will pick a winner tomm night around this time when I get off of work.
im trying to play my monk but im having trouble sense i dont got any great gear would love any help. thanks
check me out...any help appreciated
Hi, just wanted to thank you for your generosity. I just started playing d3 again from a 6 month hiatus, would love to have a decent set to finish inferno and farm efficiently. Thanks.
i could really use that sword let me know if i won :)
Me! Me!
Hello. I just started playing D3 a little over a week ago i could always use free gear it would definatly be appriciated.

Thank you for your consideration.
02/09/2013 03:13 PMPosted by Narcolepsy
Me! Me!

this guy needs it. Badly.
that is super nice of you :)
Could use the help. Haven't played in quite some time, looking to get back into the game with the new patch but I've fallen quite far behind on the gear curve it seems.
Could use the help as well. I've been struggling to get past 80k dps while maintaining high vit and res.
when does the lucky winner get picked because that sword looks tasty
Sign me up, it sounds like fun! Thanks for offering such a generous gift :-)
I'll be picking a winner probably tomm night when I get off work.
pick me plz!!
It would be lovely to be able to get some upgrades on my current set to help farm and make some more G's to upgrade to smash through inferno and MP lvls!

Crossing my fingers toes and eyes!

Nice guy Nasty. :D
please pick me, I just started out playing monk! And I want to stick with him all the way!
I would like to win, but I won't beg!
Good luck to the others : )
I would love to get a head start with my inferno set, i just hit 60 tonight so the set would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance if i do get it and another thanks for being generous!

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