Free set for a lucky monk!

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I was not able to get a hold of him last night if I don't in a few days I'll pick a new winner.
congrats to the winner = )

ohh and if he doesn't show up, I think bagins should be the new winner ... it'll be a big boost for his monk ;) heheh
so im I still in the running :)
02/13/2013 04:51 PMPosted by baggins
so im I still in the running :)

I think it's only fair that since you're in the running for my sword you can't qualify for this godly set!
ok il withdraw my name ;(
02/13/2013 05:28 PMPosted by baggins
ok il withdraw my name ;(

But we can still be friends! I promise!
I hope so after all we that's happened lately
Not sure if you are still doing this but im new to Diablo 3. I got it about a week ago and leveled a Witch Doctor as my first character because I really loved my D2 necro. Got to around level 50 and couldn't stand it anymore so I rolled a monk. My Monk is now 60 and I ran act 1 inferno a bunch until I wouldn't get 1 shot from the act 2 mobs.

I can understand if you already have a winner but advice would be great too. I won't get rid of my shield though, and yes my build is wack as hell but I enjoy it.
me want so bad
Can I enter the race??
Lucky me!
I still have not heard from him yet so if I don't get a hold of him by Saturday morning I'll give this to a new winner.


Sorry bro I think you're a lil too overqualified for this =p
shade could enter the draw for the sword and if shade wins he/she could give there old sword to me
If there are any pieces still available i wish to have one :P ( definitely the mempo :D ) thanks for giving free gear to people in need!
the mempo draw will be held in the near future
Still no word from the winner.
im having a morepositive outlook on this game he more i play it..and remeniscing of d1 and d2 d2lod :D
I'll suck yo d!@# mannnnnnn
@mobfigure you can suck mine hope you a chick :)
02/15/2013 12:47 AMPosted by baggins
@mobfigure you can suck mine hope you a chick :)

First you try and get my sword now my "favor"?! I thought we were better this brotha.

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