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It's been days since I loaded my account with 10$ and it still has yet to appear when I refresh my account balance. It's never taken more than 3 hours before. What is the problem and where is my money. BLUE POST WOULD BE WELCOME.
Does blizzard even care that they've practically stolen from me? Does this mean when the expansion comes out I can take it off the shelves for free, play it for a few days, then pay for it when I feel like it? Because that's what's happened to my and other gamer's money.
Blizzard did not steal anything from you. They don't even have your money until it shows up in the battle.net balance. Your money is likely still with your financial institution.

From the Battle.net balance FAQ https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battle-net-balance-faq#q2

How long will it take for my recently purchased funds to appear on my account?
To ensure the security of every Battle.net Balance funds purchase, you may experience a delay before your recently purchased Battle.net Balance becomes available for use. Credit card purchases may take up to 3 days to process. Direct debit purchases may experience a delay of up to 13 days to account for delivery and processing, depending on your financial institution.

Your bank will take the money from your account and hold it, but they DON'T immediately give it to Blizzard. There is some back and forth between your financial institution and Blizzard's. Eventually, the funds will be transferred over. If Blizzard declines the transaction, then the funds will be released back to you by your bank within a few days.

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