Fellow WDs, what to upgrade?

Witch Doctor
Hey guys. I've got some gold to spend, and I was wondering which of my gear would be the cheapest to replace with the best upgrade. imo it's the gloves, but what do you guys think?
Witching hour belt
4 Piece zuni set (Helm with CC/Pox with CC/Boots with armor/ chest with +armor/+100 vit)
Lacuni prowlers with CC for 24% movement
Better average damage mojo
Then worry about your gloves.
Why do I need a four piece zuni set? Cheap helm isn't going to be as good as mempo, and mana regen is good as is.
You planning on being stuck in MP0/1 forever? Listen to Jimbob and get a 4 pc zuni set... your might think mana is

02/10/2013 07:20 AMPosted by Cheshire
good as is

running GI/GF in MP0/1 where the globes and kills gives you the mana... but if you ever want to venture into higher MP levels... mana will be your concern running a bear build with higher attack speed weapon.

If you want to do MP0 forever... then by all means run with a mempo and no 4 pc zuni.
You will also find that a zuni helm with CC>Mempo without in terms of dps.
Got a 4 piece. Are trifectas with no significant int/vit better than just critd/critc with int and vit?

If you're going to ask for help.. Please don't just disregard it because you think you're, "Fine as it is". You're obviously stuck doing something, hence the reason your're asking for help... Just take the help and try out what works for you. But if something works for 99% of all WD's... I'd try it out.

Zuni Set + High CC/CD with 80-120 Mana Regen. Shoot for that.
02/11/2013 01:36 PMPosted by Cheshire
Got a 4 piece. Are trifectas with no significant int/vit better than just critd/critc with int and vit?
I assume you are talking about gloves ? If you are then its better for WD if you go with the latter. It is better to be at 10%CC40+CD and 100+int instead of 8%CC30+CC 9%IAS and 100+int. If its a ring you're better off CC+CD+average damage.
Mmmk. Bought a Lacuni's, got a 4 piece, got a witching hour. Should I buy a lower DPS weapon ~850 with a socket/crit/ls instead of a higher one ~950 that only has ls/int/crit?

Keep in mind I only have ~10m.

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