Mp 10 Uber Capable?


Think I could solo them?

If not where to upgrade?

edit... I have like 400 mil to upgrade!!
Your dps is a bit low and ehp is only 294 hate to break it to you but you wouldn't stand a chance to solo them.
So 120k dps not enough...My ehp is actually 340...What are goals for uber 10 monk?

Attack speed?
Usually, DPS under 170K will result in SB/ZK hitting their enrage timers. Try out MP 9 ubers and see how you do. If you are going to DW, personally I'd try and have 200K or more DPS unbuffed with LS on both weapons to be able to defeat them safely.

The only fight which gets a lot of people is SB/ZK due to ZK spamming slow time bubbles.
I soloed MP8 in the current gear I have on. I actually died when I put on both of my LS weapons. It was easier with the LS fist + WKL.

I only died twice. First two tries on Siege Breaker + annoying sorcerer dude. That was the only really hard fight, which made it really fun. Skeleton King was a tad hard, I couldn't like play Link to the Past while playing or anything. Ghom was ez.

I know MP8 isn't MP10. Maybe it can help you progress with this information though.

Edit: I might of used 2x LS weapons for a fight.. I forget. I know FOR SURE on Siege Breaker I used my WKL which has no LS.
what is the rage timer on kulle and siege?
8 minutes I believe.
whats a good ehp for mp10, im considering dropping from 650ehp to 580 for 10k dps upgrade
Theres only 1 way to know, Quest select -> mp10 -> Start game, again never let anyone tell you what you can or what you cant do.

I was capable of soloing all mp10 ubbers with around 140 k dps buffed without serenity or SW snapshot, kulle vs siege breaker was the most challenging though, took me at least 10 tries and got siegebreaker on enrage. The other ones were done at the first attempt within 10 minutes or so.

Btw jco310, I owned yesterday herb ( the demon hunter) in PvP thats why he got his thread deleted to further avoid any shame muhaha, when do we PvP?
Hi Vikes Fan,

I solo MP 10 ubers with 169 dps and 580 ehp. JCO is right when he says that the SB/ZK fight is the hardest. I DW that fight and the Ghom/Rakanoth. I change to a shield for the Skelly King/Maghda fight because his swings will one shot you if you don't have enough ehp. I also agree that 170k dps is the minimum because I no way in hell can MP 10 carry. I just wanted to try and solo it to see if I could beat them.


Thanks for the tips guys...I already have a mp 10 able sns wiz, so I figured I go after a new char....

I've been running in mp 8 seeing where I stand, while I can handle it, it's not efficient at all...RD and Molten kick my butt still...I've already done a bit of upgrading... Got my res up to 640 using OWE, which pushed my EHP up to 420...Now to try and add a little EHP with some DPS....

Yes, I had no doubt I would've beaten the DH in a duel. I highly doubt he felt he could defeat me, but I do not dissuade people from testing their builds/gear on me. I am used to being a punching bag for many players.

We can duel when time permits. If you want to duel some other top geared guys, try Photon and Puddinghead.
@teckno, @colt
Any advice on what build / strategy you folks used DW against SB+ZK? I tried a few but couldn't get past them on MP8. At some point I would get grabbed, tossed right into a bubble and then 3-swiped when serenity still on CD. I tried DS to get out of bubble but that wasn't enough

Have you tried dropping resolve for BoY? I find it works well for the SB/ZK fight and the SK/Maghda fight.

I really wanna know "how you doing" o_o i get only 110k with skills base, normal solo 74k, i wanna know how u get life, my weapons have life per hit over 900, but u jco 190k omg its insane... and cool XD look my hero and tell me ur oppinion :l
Thanks Snazzy. I had used BoY, but forget in what combo, I think cookie cutter with MoE. I've only done two sessions, first on MP7 and then 8 where I got smashed. Other two uber pairs were fine.

Were the rest of skills you used cookie cutter? Don't need a special skill to get out of bubble faster or anything? Or do I just simply need someone else's eye-hand coordination?
02/10/2013 04:26 PMPosted by crushkyle
Any advice on what build / strategy you folks used DW against SB+ZK? I tried a few but couldn't get past them on MP8. At some point I would get grabbed, tossed right into a bubble and then 3-swiped when serenity still on CD. I tried DS to get out of bubble but that wasn't enough

The only way I could beat them on mp10 with no serenity and low dps was to mimic the wizard perma freeze techinique but with our wave of the light - blinding light (3 second stun) and stun those 2 in place the most I could ( I could trow at around 3 successful stuns before they could snap out of it, sometimes even more).

Bell has a huge stun radius and in fact you can stun oponents behind you as well, the more stuns the better so kulle doesnt cast any bubbles and siege doesnt grab you. But they sometimes do unpredictable things and it can turn out badly quickly.

You obviously need to be able to attack fast enough to generate spirit enough to drop a bell every 3 -4 seconds whilst having kulle as your main priority target, since siege breaker alone ( and his enrage) is so much easier to handle with this strategy after kulle is dead.

In addition blinding flash aids A LOT to this strategy ( since its cheaper ) and to keep them in place meanwhile you generate enough for a bell and this bursts your dps a little too.
Thanks Colt. One of my failed attempts was with bell-stuns, but I forget what else I had done. For instance before in MP10 team ubers I had used FoT-Quickening, and then noticed that my HP wavered a lot, seemingly the lower DPS during regular punching was enough to affect my LS. So I may have run solo w regular FOT-TC. I presume you ran with Quickening?

I will indeed at some point batter my monk with another solo shot at bells, but I think I'll wait until the patch buffs it to give me a better shot. Appreciate the help
I used Thunderclap since it yields more life on hit and life steal in general than quickening. But the other half of your sustain comes from SW cyclones ( and its almost all your sustain if siege breaker holds you).

In general you need to be able to take a decent pounding from the ubbers in case the bell fails to stun (to the point where you can survive a hold of siege breaker and a rock fall at the same time for example) maybe using potions, but survive enough to heal yourself quickly when you get control back from your character, healing to top health from punching and SW again to repeat the bell process.

This poundings however can get stupidly spikey ( the damage you receive can get off the charts), specially on combos like siege breaker grab + rocks falling + kulle meteor + 2 tornadoes on your !@# at the same time.

This kind of situations while doing solo happen more often than Id like and its really a matter of luck to survive that without serenity to be honest (pray to the dodge gods on this) .

Thats why on mp10 it took some tries and good timing and good luck in my case XD (specially not using serenity or any gear swap/snapshot, im not a fan of those tactics).
But I got better the more I practiced with the bells. Stoping Kulle is the main priority In my opinion.
Thanks again Colt, I almost look forward to the next bruising and set of repair costs. Interesting you swapped out serenity for WoL, I had swapped out FITL I believe, figuring the stuns were redundant, so let me try the cohones approach :)

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