Hardcore Characters and Account Rollbacks Update

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this is ridiculus why annouce its coming tomoro then not bring it wtf bliz comon do u not think u let us wait for long enuf the game is bearly bearable this patch is sorely needed
What time exacly patch will come to EU servers ?
its good that blizz is discouraging revival of hardcore characters. but are u doing something to account for the issue of death of HC chars due to vote kick?
WOOHOO!!!! The patch is coming!!!!
wtf where is this patch you speak off? You say it will be tommoz (today) but no patch on sight.
02/11/2013 10:05 AMPosted by Lylirra
we didn't have the technology to make Hardcore characters exempt.

Coding is hard.
Then do like Path of Exile, and turn dead HC characters into SC characters, YOU HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN REBUILD THEM
What a joke, rollbacks? Serious? This word should not even exist in this game regardless of whether is it HC or Non-HC.
02/12/2013 07:30 AMPosted by Killrog
Then do like Path of Exile, and turn dead HC characters into SC characters, YOU HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN REBUILD THEM

There's nothing hardcore about a character that moves to SC upon 'death', that's not death..

And for "coding is hard" guy, why not take a few days and code yourself up a better version of Diablo since it's so easy.
i prefer the patch to rectify the bugs in AH 1st....the game is too gay and full of bugs
Not that I ever play HC (because I don't have the attention span to grind one game alone), but you really should fix your servers before getting people killed and turning a blind eye to it. I get a ridiculous lag spike when someone joins a game or when I try to teleport onto someone. Then every once in a while, there is a spike for no reason. I've used various graphics settings and sound settings even. No other game has this sort of issue for me. I get less to no lag in more demanding punkbuster games.

You mean since Poe don't do it and you have seen the damage it's caused to the economy?

The shock horror, people told you this months ago, yet you never listened.

Barn door<-------------------->horse
O bliz why u lied to me, This is complete bs i was playing hard core and my game closed out on me i dont understand how but i logged back in and my char was dead then i went through all the support info submitted a ticked and told them what happen they said there is nothing they can do. Hmm but they just stated they could of rolledback my char which should of happen since you guys should make it were if the game is closed or lagged all monsters should stop hiting the player specially for hardcore which would save most of them when its not their fault i hardly ever get lag but for my game to just close out on me for no reason and then i lose my char how is this my fault and then you guys have the nerve to lie to me and say their is nothing you can do but from what i read here there was something you can do tell this patch came out complete bs. Thanks for making known you guys cant do anything right. Fix the problems with hc i mean if i died from monsters i would just remake and go but when its not my fault how is it my fault?
02/12/2013 07:28 AMPosted by Ironsolid
we didn't have the technology to make Hardcore characters exempt.

Coding is hard.

Says the guy who hasn't coded anything outside of his high school computer science class.
So where are the people who complained about "soon" now?
why is there no update on this patch why make people think its coming an then not annouce late arrival or anything???......... also i have the lag spikes the guy is talking about this is why i have never played hardcore i dont no what id do to my personal effects if id a died while in lag after lvling my hc hero above paragon 50+ chances are there would be no tv left by the morning a broken game doesnt = FUN only =s heart ache an new tv's haha what are you lot really doing blizz come on how many millions do u guys want of our money till you change things. im not prepared to give u my blood so comon buck ideas up please
Wow they are just starting this!? This should have been the rule from day one. I've seen threads about people saying they were going to lie about getting hacked just to get their characters back. It took Blizz this long to say "we will no longer be reviving or undeleting Hardcore characters", it's hardcore and they never should have.
hey blizz why the haste
you releasing the patch tomorrow duh, why u don't wait few years set back and relax

Careful they might actually listen to us for once

Ah yes, typical Blizzard. Downtime extended by 2 hours. I woke up an hour before it was supposed to be live to get in on it fast, should have known it wouldn't be on time. Also patch notes seem to be identical to that last listed for PTR. I thought for sure they would have changed stuff last minute... Then again maybe they did, would be unlike Blizzard to post absolutely every change they made.

On topic, I agree with the above. Hardcore characters should never have been able to be revived for any reason. As much as i would have liked to have had my previous one back which was still alive on the PTR but not live servers LOL.
I didnt even know if you could thats werid and thanks for fixing it so it is permant that they stay dead.

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