"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7 - Answers

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As much as it pains me to say it this game is pretty much done.
If I continue to play, it will be only for the enjoyment I get playing solo. There's pretty much no reason to play socially anymore.
dasjkl;adsfjiadsfjkl can we just have the patch plz. enough with the "lets talk about what we are doing some more" gahhhhh
Wyatt: Overall we're okay with the current state of Monk passives.

2 months ago you said you weren't. Did you lie?

Until the developers acknowledge the real, core, fundamental problems with the game (itemization, no character customization, no random'ness or open'ness in the world, etc.) then this is just wasted effort.

Yes, and all these are just sugar coating.
For all the good questions asked, it's a pretty underwhelming amount of questions answered.

Perhaps instead of opening up for new questions in the next "Ask the Devs" they could continue to work on the original list until they get them all answered.
Those are a whole lot of words that manage to say exactly nothing that we didn't already know.

The gem removal cost is hilarious, though. Still making changes to try to fix an economy that is an absolute shambles. Outstanding.
This is kind of like the 'Ask us Anything' stuff that Zenimax Online does for The Elder Scrolls Online. Meaningless PR babble, without answers to the real, hot issues.
I think there's a disconnect between the developers who are "buffing" monks and the players who have geared Monks through every stage of the game and are now quite powerful.

Right now every monk uses fist of thunder: thunderclap for the most part. There are rare uses for a couple of others (in conjunction with combination strike, deadly reach for the 18% buff) but almost every monk out there is using ONE rune on ONE spirit generator. That is the number one issue with monks if you're talking about class monotony.

Number two is that solo monks, if they are powerful enough, use Mantra of Conviction: Overawe (and Healing: Circular breathing or Conviction: Submission for tempest rush farming). Again another branch of the monks skill tree is pruned down to basically one viable option.

Number three: every monk uses sweeping wind. this has been acknowledged to the extent that we have a set bonus that doesn't exist anywhere else in the game: sweeping wind cost dropped by 65.

If you want to address the build diversity issue with monks (and statistically Monks are the least diverse class in build choices), you must diversify these branches of the skill tree. Giving bells or tail kick a buff is fine and might result in some diversity, but we are very powerful in ONE mantra, ONE spirit generator and always use sweeping wind and will continue to build around those until you give us other viable options in those areas because they are staples of the class.


(side note: as less new players enter in to the game and current players gear up, amethysts value of 600 life on hit decreases over time. Life steal becomes the predominant option and therefore a ruby or emerald a much better way to get life back in that socket. Amethyst is a hard core gem and should just be addressed as that.)
Listens to the community
Pick the not so relevant questions.
Ignore questions that states the real problems.
I really wish you guys would let US decide if team deathmatch is fun or not. That demo video of PvP and arena got me so excited for this game, and it's what keeps me playing still today.. but I see no information here on future plans to release it.

Team deathmatch: Oh yea, we decided it wasn't fun for you guys, so we added something where you just right click each other aimlessly with no metrics, scoring, progression or reward.

How is it you think brawling is "more fun" then team death match? I would love a solid answer.

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