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Since this new patch, i have had consistent problems trying to buy or sell items on the AH. My completed tab has zero items in it, yet my ah wont let me buy things because i apparently have a full completed section. The tab will read 50 next to completed, even though it is completely empty. When i attempt to sell an item i get Error 0 and it will not let me sell it. When i attempt to buy, or bid on anything in the AH i get Error 31048 saying it failed. Nothing i have tried as fixed this. Anyone have anything else to try to fix this?
i just made bracers of strength and it is supposede to have 5 random properties and str (201-230)
Well the one i made had str=274, int=119, cold res =37, mf=18% and melee take 358 damage.
where is the 5th random prop ????
u can look at the new bracer it is called Denial Killer..

Is this a bug ??? not giving the 5th random property ????

i just made bracers of strength and it is supposede to have 5 random properties and str (201-230)
Well the one i made had str=274, int=119, cold res =37, mf=18% and melee take 358 damage.
where is the 5th random prop ????
u can look at the new bracer it is called Denial Killer..

Is this a bug ??? not giving the 5th random property ????


Properties can overlap. For example, you may have rolled +60 int and +59 int separately and they just display as one (+119 int)
Honestly I tried, LOVE the more density as it drops a ltl more than before, but still drops only brimstones... Was it intended so we can craft more BOA items?
Well anyhow my main problem is that for those that started the game later than its release, it is barely impossible to have high end items. Let me explain my point you can double check any profile the average of players I've looked (profiles picked up randomly not exact science) have around 15m gold collected on all their toons. This means without a magic drop, you can't afford 20m items ! Same goes for the gems. Lots of us just craft stars and are playing like 50 hours or more just to be able to have 1 radiant star. Only high end players that have already for 500m of gears in their stash can show their items in trade channel without receiving a bunch of 'brim' calls. I have like 20 set items with very good stats that cant be sold over 1m (Im thinking at Natalyas, lots of echoing and not mentionning the rings and ammys) Since september there is no way you can sell a mempo without crit over 2m, but you cant have one with crit below 1B tho... And basically you cant balance the rest of your gears without it, even if at start it gives something like 7k dps more than set helms. same goes for witching hour and lots more. All of my toons can't go over 150k dps and survive over 5MP. We need a way to make millions of gold without use of a time machine! Else any gem you'ld create would be useless except for the top 100 players. stop dropping brims so that mid high end items would become available to new players also or you wont have new players. Meaningful that this Diablo will not last like the last one without you guys focusing on attracting new players and get back those that left D3 for D2!!
02/13/2013 07:48 AMPosted by TheSeptenary
All they need is about one million hardcore dedicated players and entrepreneurs to pay about $1,200 to $2,000 per character build to make an excellent profit in the billions.

This is an unfortunate truth; however, it's the casuals who drive future game sales...

So tell me, how does Blizzard's future look if all future games they make sell less than 500,000 copies?

There is also far less than a million players playing at the moment. Half of those are bots.
We love that players are able to remove gems from sockets in Diablo III, as it helps provide more flexibility as you gear up rather than locking you to single choice. However, since un-socketing is so painless and costs so little, what we’ve found is that players will simply recycle the same gem across all their characters rather than creating new ones. An important goal with the new Marquise gems is to act as a gold and Radiant Star gem sink.  Currently, there’s nothing in the game that actually pulls those gems out of the economy, but to keep their value up, that’s important.
In all honesty, I wish the cost to remove the lower tier gems was much higher, more in line with the cost of the Marquise gem.  We would prefer players to be crafting new gems of all types rather than just shuffling them around as that makes the gem economy more dynamic (more things coming in, lots of things coming out).  Right now it’s almost entirely stagnant, with demand going down every day.  If you only had to craft one Marquise Ruby for all 10 characters, that would remove some Radiant Stars from the economy, but realistically it won’t remove much.  With the unsocket cost set to 5 million, you now have a clear choice: "should I move my gem 4 times or just craft a new one?"  For the sake of the economy, we actually hope you’d prefer to craft a new one.

So not only is there a huge sink to create the gem but there's also a huge sink to experiment with different gems. You're hitting us on the way in and on the way out.

Why not add an option to remove the gem for little to not cost but destroying the gem in the process. This would accomplish your objective "For the sake of the economy, we actually hope you'd prefer to craft a new one"
When are you going to release that idea of a NPC that could modify weapons?
If i am not mistaken , the NPC was the wife of the blacksmith!

[and, any news about expansions and dates?] :D
Have you ever thought about creating a ladder mode in which you have neither access to the gold nor the real money auction house? I think that would be an awesome challenge and fun competition.
diablo 3 would be amazing if the retards allowed you to create/join games in like diablo 2, and allowed you to express hostility towards any1 and chase them down.
For that fact make hc player pks die forever, and allow us to do all acts in 1 game.

Make these changes and u got an amazing game coming up.
why when in in hell dif i keep getting system shut down ?????????????????????????
02/11/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Lylirra
So you are correct in your statement that we buffed skills people don’t use -- that’s kind of the point. :)

Well said, +1
I think that there should be multiple 60+ sets for each class with a variety of set bonuses, rather than just one for each class. Having more sets with a large variety of set bonuses would not only open up more build diversity (say a new monks set 4th set bonus greatly buffs a certain skill) but it would also get a lot more people back into the game and farming. I mean REALLY think about it.. everyone that still plays are all looking for the same exact items just with a difference in the rolls, there really just isn't much fun in that. But if there were many different sets for each class, people wouldn't be looking for the very few items that normally have potential, but many items with potential. I mean shoot, almost every character looks and is the same anymore. Barbs with their IK and echoing furys, monks with their skorns and innas, DH's with their nats and manticores, Wizards with their chantodos and half tal rasha half zunimasas, and same for WD's just with a difference in the weapon. It's just hard to find it fun anymore looking for those same few items that can actually turn out useful. And it's also pretty old seeing every barb, monk, DH, wiz, WD looking and being almost as exactly the same as the next one. Variety is essential in my opinion.
join a game....is it pvp...idk!! WHY?
The answer to balancing the game economy is relatively simple: Give every item a limited durability and make it non-repairable. If everything has a limited lifespan you do two things. You clear up excess AH inventory and you give players a reason to keep farming and adjusting their builds. You can adjust drop rates to adjust the economy. Think about how much incentive it would be to keep farming when your Skorn has only 3 or 4 durability left and you have nothing good to replace it. It will give real legs to the game. That said you do have some structural issues with lack of randomness. Remember 'rogue'? I still play that game 30 years later because it is complex, deep and includes a randomness that keeps it fresh. Mix up your maps or create more interesting events to keep our interest.
After reading, it makes sense why the game is so terrible. Most of what I got is "we know what's wrong, and have looked at it but we just can't seem to do anything about it".

Yeh dueling is garbage, and the methods to duel are garbage, but weren't not adding queue nor have we improved the social features since May. Seems like the devs realize in a game this pointless and linear, that pvp has no real place.

They don't want you dueling in PvE areas because somebody might use terrain to their advantage and people will be butthurt, is this serious? Weren't better made games likeWarcraft III famous for their ability to allow players to use terrain to their advantage? If the PvP area isn't a square with identical sides, or totally neutered of mobs/etc then its broken?

Doesn't take a game dev or even somebody with a high school level education to tell you if thorns is flat and not % based then its going to be worthless, how did you guys get hired?? Oh because it was intended to be a filler garbage stat.

Gems are a joke, if you spent anymore than 1 day designing the current gem feature then shame on you.

Theres always small changes to classes in the works, seems like a distraction,but they remain tied to the awfully designed weapon damage system and any efficiency differences are non existent beyond gear. Gearing up is lifeless and everyone desires the same few stats out of the many available, this is made worse by class specific affixes. Pretty much is fact that most people use the same spells and the same runes since launch. Show me a non trolling p100 that didnt get shadow power or SS on DH, or a barb that didnt use WW or warcry. ZZZZZZZZZ Awesome design guys.

The real issues are in the RMAH and how itemization/upgrades were made almost linear to increase the top end items value, since theres no options other than increasing WD by DMs and trying to get the best few defensive stats on whats left of the remaining slots. No stat allocation, no hero permanence, events like races/ladders, just poorly designed garbage. Until the RMAH is removed, and the game redesigned not to be a p2w turd, until the game actually seems like its being worked on daily and not bi-monthly, until so many things are done this game will continue to be an unplayable embarrassment.

Oh yeh the best part about gem crafting, you have to sit there click upgrade 220 times, and wait 3 seconds inbetween each upgrade. Which game mechanic is that, and where did you learn that? Its a pitiful time sink to make buying the gem in the AH seem more appealing, shame on you...
I'm really really seriously and very seriously wondering what kind of loot and item roll design, the devs made. With the latest patch, the MF is increased nearly 2.5-3 times, but still some of us witness runs without any legendary items or item rolls that are still ending with bad results. I really wonder what formula did devs make for loot design?
So, still no answer to duping?
@devs ................Lackluster at best....kinda fail......Some day this game will be playable....maybe

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