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02/15/2013 03:56 PMPosted by canisdirus
Can we train Shen to make sockets into socketless gear?

You had a dream !
These answers...are a joke, and most of us know this already. WTG Blizzard, you still have no idea what you're doing with this game do you. It becomes more WoW than Diablo every patch you put out.
Came back from a break a while ago,farmed organs,crafted hellfire,got some nice upgrades,crafted a good ammy,went through 22 paragon levels...now I'm bored.

We're far from the 5-6 years of solid entertainment Diablo 2 provided me.I'm not whining or trying to troll or anything,I just really hope blizzard finally get a clue and wake the hell up, better late than never.
Very very sad indeed ...

Every patch is closer to destroying what little is here .
Now we have a game of pattern drops ...
Is this for real or was it a mistake ...
thought i would come and try this for a week since i heard the new patch ...

What a mistake ...

one pattern after another ??????
totally confused ..

no lengendaries drop after several hrs and days ..i got 2 worthless ...you know what ...brimstones ..lol

My monk did not change at all ...

So i remember a thread of new names for diablo ..

Must be

CraftShop Make a Wish

The worst part of crafting is the amount of crafts you would have to make for a good one ...
The game does not replenish itself ..No way what so ever ...
Hello i have been playing diablo now consistently since its release. My biggest problem with this game was not the hard inferno, drops rates or any sort of that stuff which i thought was great in the beginning. MY PROBLEM w this game is the lack sense of community with-in the game. I want to farm/play with more people than just my self. the public games system is a JOKE! Now that they have added monsterpower how am i suppose to know where the concentration of people are. i find my self going in and out of quests and monsterpower until i find one with players. I want to hope that blizzard is not trying to discourage trading and forcing people onto the ah but i dont see any other reason than limiting our own ability to create an in-game community. I DO NOT want to spend my time on forums i want to play the game!! I ask for a way to see games and for people to name their game for their purposes. im tired of farming alone and begging people in these pathetic 99 person chats to farm w me.
Just ADD a "check mark" box in the public mission select menu for those that want PVP. So if they want/feel like they can compete with persons for inferno, act, and MP Level. (mp1 - mp10 gear challenge.)

So if I feel like I can do Act 1, mp 10, then thats my max skill level., or if higher, theres 2 more acts.

Say.. 1st checkpoints of each act would have the check box, and update available players when you click the box.
I know this Q/A was focused specifically on 1.07, but I just gotta say, it's all pretty meaningless and unimportant info.

Until the developers acknowledge the real, core, fundamental problems with the game (itemization, no character customization, no random'ness or open'ness in the world, etc.) then this is just wasted effort.

Rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic or acknowledge and address the real issues.

Itemization is a chunk of what this update is. Also, there is character customization, but it's limited by the strength of a few overpowered cookie-cutter builds, which is why they talked about changing the wizard and monk's secondary spells so that more people would find them useful, for example. Randomness and openness - no, they didn't do anything to address that, but that sounds like such a huge content change that they wouldn't invest in it unless it were for the expansion, which is a possibility. Although map randomness seems very limited in the areas that are randomized, I do like that the champion and rare packs do seem to differ a good amount.
For PvP, can you make "sentry" of Demon hunter become breakable ?
interesting stuff, hopefully they give more answers on the next round.
Quite funny how important questions were not addressed with the reason that this Q&A deals with the upcoming patch exclusively.

So basically you just create patches that never hold the content people are waiting for and therefore you can ignore the unpleasant questions regarding this content by default.

Absolutely brillant concept, i mean in the darkness water is still transparent, but still you won´t see sh*t.
Is there anything in the books as to making changes to the way we salvage items?

One at a time and having to confirm each item is pretty slow, and can lead to mistakes with people trying to quickly do it.

Perhaps something along these lines?

Quite funny how important questions were not addressed with the reason that this Q&A deals with the upcoming patch exclusively.

So basically you just create patches that never hold the content people are waiting for and therefore you can ignore the unpleasant questions regarding this content by default.

Absolutely brillant concept, i mean in the darkness water is still transparent, but still you won´t see sh*t.

Just this.... (sigh)
As a player who was addicted to D2 it is disappointing how far from the players these developers are, but perfection is hard to follow. Especially when that perfection was by pure accident. This game is fundamentally different from it's predecessor and the only people still playing are people like us who only play it with the hope that it will be fixed in the expansion.
From just seeing the majority of the responses here, it looks like players are not impressed with this game, or at least the developers. Poor Diablo 3. Maybe we should just let it die.
how do I get to act 2
Gems re marquis a gold sink lmao 25% of the player base can afford this gem if not less, I for one have not even made 100m let alone anything close. Reason bieng that all my gear is rented off the AH because I have NEVR found anything usefull in this game to use EVER. Even leveling 3 types of heros not once have I found a drop I can use.
And they want to increase the removal of existing gems wow Devs you really are ignorant to the fact most ppl are already angry at the time it takes to make a top end gem 30 min WTF....and you want to charge MORE.
No wonder we use the gems on all our heros its to time consuming and expensive to make new ones.Get in the game Devs YOU TRY it from scratch see how YOU ALL do..=(
Fix the guy who blocks in bastions keep. That's just wrong.
so when are you guys going to balance the pvp? witch doctors are way over powered .. you guys should take that vanish ability away from dh and wd .. thats the dumbest and pointless skill to have in the game i rend them and they always vanish then it doesnt kill them and while they are vanished they kill me, at least let them still take damage when vanishing or atleast give barbs a vanish ability .. needs to be corrected!
I have a question for a developer and/or a BLUE.

Please help me, and / or look at adding in a screen that says " Are you sure you want to craft this Marquise Gem, it is account bound." Add in that screen BEFORE we can craft the Marquise gems please. With organs and keys and infernal machines and hell fire rings its easy. The programming does not allow us to sell them, trade them, drop them. But all that can be done with gems UNTIL you go to make the Marquise, then it is account bound. We didn't know. :^(

Here is why and what happened. Please read and help me. Thank you, XSIVE#1716 Hardcore, U.S. server.

Before you laugh and make fun of me, please read.

Marquise Gems are ACCOUNT BOUND.

A friend offered to help me so I let him. We were both crafting gems as we play together often. So I gave him hundreds of tombs, gems, and over 40 million gold. We crafted together for like over an hour. Then at the end he asked to make a radiant star gem for an achievement. He is fairly new and didn't have that achievement yet. I said yes. This happened to me in hardcore.

Then I before he gave me back the extra gold, gems, and tombs, he asked if he could make the marquise gem for me, to get that achievement. Low and behold there is not achievement. He just thought there might be one. He had demonic essence on him at the time from farming, and made the gem.

Then him and I found out it is account bound. So basically I am out over 100-150 million and he has a gem he doesn't want to use because his gear is not that good and he feels terrible. I don't want him to feel bad because it isn't his fault. We both did not know they are account bound. Yes, I am sure it is in the patch notes. We missed that or forgot.

He has a marquise emerald gem in this stash that should be in my weapon. It doesn't tell you when you make it, but Marquise gems are account bound.

Hope this post helps someone not make the same mistake if you ever make one and have a friend help you or your friend offers to help you and makes it for you but can't give it to you.


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