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Sounds like all the motives for "keeping things simple" are due to an inability to program the more complex... you've ruined my favourite franchise and you're to ignorant to admit failure...
what is it like to advertise features on a game's retail box and then fail to deliver them within almost a year of releasing the game? was bending your customers over by limiting refunds to a certain timeframe while having released an unfinished game satisfying? what is it like working on a game that pales in comparison to blizzard's other major titles?
When you will fix the email bug? We do not receive emails anymore when using RMAH.
Man, you guys sound like every other community for every other game I've ever played. Ever.

Just stop playing if it pisses you off so much. Jesus.
As I play the game, and advance to higher levels I have put together some vwey good weapons to defeat the monsters. The problem I am seeing no matter how good my weapons have become, and no matter how strong playing up up monster level 1 thru 4 seem to be fine for my weapons. The issue I have monster levels 5 thru 10 make my weapons useless compared ro thr monsters I meet, and no matter how much power my players have level 5 thru 10 arent worth the time or effort. I think new weapons with higher power like more damage, and a added socket would help. I also think like in Diablo 2 new charcters would be good aas well, I miss the Amazon, and Knight. I play this game with great satisfaction, but as I progress trying to play higher levels loke monster levels 5 thru 10 sem to take away what would be even better challanges, and more fun. I thought if plqayers level 60 with the higher add on's say level 60/45 2would only be able to qadd sockets, and get stroger weapons, and adding this feature could allow me the chance to play in the higher monster levels.

I have been playing Diablo since day one and on to Diablo 2, and now Diablo 3, and at age 63 I find it very fulfilling to help pass the time, but also know like Diablo 2 it got better and better all the time and maybe now is the time to make some good changes to Diablo 3, which I have already covered.

Thanks for your time in this matter, and maybe we an see some of what I discussed already.
The March Q&A will be on itemization.

If Blizzard repeats the failure of the 1.0.7 Q&A...

  • The most commonly proposed solution is to simply bake One With Everything directly into the Monk's class. In essence, give the passive away for free.

I guess this is ok but to make it fair to the other classes you would need to either gives us (non monks) a 4th passive slot OR bake a commonly used passive into each class. The passive that is baked in should not have any downside to it (e.g. Glass Cannon would not qualify for a baked in passive since it has -10% to AR and Armor).

Examples of Passives to Bake in:

Wizard: Critical Mass since CM wizards use this (obviously) but Archon wizards usually have this as well to help reset the cooldown of Archon if it ever pops off for whatever reason.

Barbarian: Weapons Master just about every Barbarian streamer I know uses this. The 10% Critical Hit Chance for Maces and Axes is just to strong.

Demon Hunter: Archery all the DHs I've seen use this as the 50% Critical Hit Damage from Crossbows is too good to pass up.

Witch Doctor: Well um... Vision Quest maybe? Actually I would have no clue for Witch Doctors.

  • Another option is to alter gear in the future to not drop both an elemental resistance and resist all. Many people already comment that if you have an item with resistance to only one particular school, it's counter-intuitive that the values are lower than a similar-tier affix for resist all. One thing we have talked about doing is increasing the element-specific values so they are higher than the resist all values by a comfortable margin, while simultaneously disallowing both affixes from rolling on the same item. This would allow Monks who want to specialize in a single school of resistance to do so, and pick up One With Everything, without making the benefit of double-stacking resistances so hard to ignore.

My main concern with this is, how would it affect the gear for other classes? For example non-monk gear with just a single resist would be worthless with no AR. Also chest armor with 70 AR and 50 physical resist would normally be seen as more useful than chest armor with 80 AR alone since most of the attacks are physical in this game and in most cases the 70 AR, 50 physical resist would normally be cheaper than the 80 AR chest armor (all other things being equal) since people don't value single resists as much they either throw it in for cheap or even free.

  • A third option that has been discussed is breaking up the effect across all the existing passives. For example, Resolve might become "Damage you deal reduces enemy damage by 20% for 2.5 seconds. In addition any resistance lower than your Cold Resistance is increased to the level of your Cold Resistance." The advantage of such an approach is letting people continue to gain the effect, as well as creating a lot of diversity across different Monks. The disadvantage is your gear choices will lock you even more into particular passive choices, not to mention the cumbersome tooltips.

Um how about no. In the above example a cold monk would be forced to use resolve even though he may not want to. Conversely a monk wanting to use a certain passive might be forced into a particular gear set just to stack that single resist.
Would like to know whatever happened to the proposed changes of "after kill" (on kill) effects applying for every player in a multiplayer game regardless of who's doing the killing.

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