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they answered only the boring questions....
i feel a little dead inside
Wyatt: Overall we're okay with the current state of Monk passives.
Just a quick response to the REPEATED BLUE comment here (recycling already) in response to the Wizard build and what you call balance improvements.

I'm curious do any of the designers or developers actually play a Wizard...? You talk about the over use of Archon but let me ask you this then...

When I have to stop to fire as all Wizards do and I get mobbed and dead with anything NOT named Archon what are my other options...? Run stop shoot and run again before they catch up is the only option.

And what are my options to mitigate Walls when ONLY Archon and maybe a few Arcane Torrent spells can actually penetrate the walls. When walls go up, or I get jailed I have no real choice but Archon unless I want to fire uselessly at the damn wall.

Give me a different option and I'll try it... When there are only so many choices available to me when walls and jails and carpet bombs go up... - How many Wizards NOT UBER can stand and fire on a floor coated with Frozen Desecrate Molten...???? I haven't seen one yet... So run and or Kite or Archon and hope you outlast.

Of course all this is foolishly unavailabel to anyone facing a RD Pack... I won't even start up on that one... How is your little fix on Arcane Orb going to help me not die faster in an RD battle...?

RD is the dumbest idea in all of gaming... And a turn on turn of approach is another proof that you don;'t understand your own game or the play of your customers. There must be a dozen ways to make a challenge without me turning a corner and killing myself in one shot of my own doing on a HORDE RD Pack.
Listens to the community
Pick the not so relevant questions.
Ignore questions that states the real problems.

Well, this is it really isn't it. How sad. All of the questions answered were pretty standard awful questions that I personally didn't care for. Now obviously that's my opinion, but reading through the questions threads, I picked up a massive theme of different questions that haven't even been glanced at.

Not to mention they haven't even actually answered the questions they answered on here. Mostly just "yes we've considered that" and "sometime in the future" answers that's basically the same as saying "we'll do what we want when we want and who the hell are you anyway"...

Seriously, how many disappointments are left in this game until NOONE is left here!!!!
Still a ways to go yet, but I'm glad you all are still on board and working hard to make the game better. I have been enjoying the HellFire Rings runs at least and have made 6 to date...

On another note, I would love to see thorns get a buff, however, we need some new shield mechanics and passives and all "taunt" type abilities will need to be buffed. I was using threatening shout last night and it wouldn't even work on certain characters... very half hearted implementation. I'm not saying that a Diablo game should even have taunts, but with the ubers being so reminiscent of WoW, I feel that at the very least in ubers a tanky role can be useful. I look forward to seeing some thorns buffs in the future.

As for monks, just give them an ability that buffs all resist stat by 30% at all times, and boosts All resistances by 20% of all normal resistances... for example.. if you have 100 AR... with this passive you now have 130AR... but, you also have 50 fire resist on this piece as well, so, all resist goes up to 140 AR...meanwhile fire resist goes up to 190 (140+50).... So, your main AR would be (100AR+30AR)+ (50FR x .2) = 140AR. So, they get their primary stats from AR, like everyone else, but also get a small siphon of any standard resist they choose to stack... You can work with the numbers, but I think it works.
honestly, the QnA response was pretty disappointing
Until they fix stat and skill customization, this game is going nowhere fast. Anyone remember when + points in dex added chance to block?
Itemization? :(
So when do we start having Q&A sessions on a regular basis about the game in general?

I try to be fair to you guys (CM's and Devs) when something goes awry or we get a bad Q&A session, the patch doesn't do much to address player issues or what have you, but this was really lame. I know that the main point of this "Ask the Devs" session was to answer questions in regard to THIS patch being released tomorrow, but even with that in mind it feels like the answers we got were sanitized and the questions cherry-picked so as to avoid answering many of what MUST have been more popular questions.

I'm tired of hearing about the economy. I understand that it's mostly very "hardcore" players left on this game's forums, most with 1000+ hours of game time, and that's just fine. In all honesty though, the vast majority of we "normal" players don't care about your economy in the least. We just want the game to be more enjoyable long-term. =(

I mean, legendary plan drop rates aren't getting increased with the rest of them? I've played the game for over 200 hours with max MF and still never seen a single one drop. That's not challenging, that's silly. We need more Leg/Set drops since the quality tends to be so bad and because it's just too few drops to begin with even given max MF, less rares.... and with affix floors that don't practically drop all the way to Tier 1, and just a bit less RNG in general. I don't need a sea of rare items to identify every few minutes, I need a handful of them where one is likely to not be horrible.

As an aside though, can we stop expecting any real content additions or marked improvements until the expansion drops? That's what if feels like and every comment about game CONTENT that the Devs or CM's make seems to lend legitimacy to that rather disappointing fact. I'm fine with discontinuing my playing of the game until the expansion, but it'd be nice to know to stop holding out for the good stuff in the meantime.
that was along wait for a lot of nothing

edit: so basically, yes we are aware of all of your concerns realize the game would be much cooler with your suggestions...but we are doing it our way and damn the 90% of you who disagree.

where was monster density? where was identify all? where was itemization changes?
What about itemization and build diversity? These are your two main issues....

That was a long wait for absolutely nothing im a little outraged 1.0.7 is gunna be dull.

Anybody else sick of them avoiding the real questions the community has? I for one am appalled.
No real answers on the state of PvP.

Just because you are releasing new patterns to use at the Blacksmith does not make using him fun. It makes using him a chore. Adding new, unique, and rare patterns on a regular basis that can be found in the world is a reason for us to continue to craft with him.

Fix PvP? Easy. It requires game modes with a completely separate weapon system. The system can, in no way, use the gear that players have earned if you want to make PvP fair play, which is why the team cannot figure out how to balance it. Remove the ability for players to carry gear over into PvP and make them select from pre-defined gear as you would see in any MOBA game. They can choose to go All Resist gear (just like a tank would do in LoL), build heavy glass-cannon, or a combination of offensive and defensive gear, just as you see in MOBAs. If people don't like that, then they can't understand that there is no other way to balance PvP to make it work, but to keep them from getting upset, give each player the option to tick a box that will allow them to join other people who strictly want to play against those who found their gear. Use the "tags" you're talking about to sort the two different game-types. Those who want to play with their own PvP gear, and those who want PvP to be fair all-around without needing 6 mules full of counter-class-build gear sets.Let's not forget to mention that by creating an entirely new PvP system in this way, we're avoiding changing the PvE aspect of the game, something that you all have wanted to do from the beginning.

Bring back boss farming. Make it interesting to farm bosses again, just like in Diablo II. You can find one of my earliest posts to Bashiok stated that simply killing rare packs and searching for them would not be very fun, because the way most people knew/know Diablo is by farming the bosses. There's a huge sense of replayability in fighting these bosses, because we are actively vanquishing the leaders of hell, not just their subordinates. Don't feel afraid to add some predictability to the game. Remember how Andariel used to drop rings all the time? How about the Countess dropping runes? Give players a reason to go back and farm those bosses. Looking for that perfect SoJ.

These are just a few of the ways you could improve the game.
You guys are lacking a vision or I just don't get it.

Seems to me everything gets kept overly simple and dumbed down. Please give us some depth. Some meta game for people who want to turn on their brains while playing a game.

Please stop being so extremely cautious with everything you do. The RMAH seems to have paralyzed you because everything you consider doing has to be weighed against that almighty "invalidating gear"-fear.

For the future of this game, it appears to me that you only dare to toy around with a few numbers. I guess we won't see any real changes until an expansion hits. :(
And to be honest, I don't have high hopes for an expansion right now.

The only answer of this Q&A that gives a little hope is the one where you describe your bad feelings about people getting most of their gear from the AH.
I'm more concerned than ever about the direction of D3. The dev team is now, like a lot of players, scapegoating the AH for D3's problems then trying to fix the game (namely with BoA) based on this false premise.

The dev team needs to STOP THINKING ABOUT THE AH. The AH is nothing more than a trading platform and a very good one at that. And Diablo is very much a trading game (as the team originally recognized when they set out to create the game but then forgot about along the way).

D3's problems is itemization and lack of content. Fix these and you fix your game.

Yup. Scariest thing I read in there. We can only hope they are giving out a bit of rhetoric to pacify the QQ and they are working on addressing the real issues. The changes to date however are mixed and leaning to the less hopeful side right now.

I fear we may have to wait for an expansion, which of course brings new content, but inevitably will bring more complexity and interesting items (as they could hardly go the other way). When they see how positive the reaction to such changes actually are perhaps then they will understand what they need to do with future patches to keep the game fun and fresh feeling and they can focus on creative and thoughtful community ideas to improve the game rather than unthoughtful and misdirected complaints and rage.

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