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These answers only say one thing: they are just wasting their time in trying to fix the economy of this game, thats completely wrong you should fix the game instead and push the economy with its boring auctions houses into the recycle bin or better into the junk press!!!
Devs: "We are going to say this game is all about PvE several times but ignore questions related to that part of the game."
I do agree that itemization is key... Also, why not make a stat that says +% to "energy type regen" to add to weapons and armors? Or, +X energy type on crit (much like the Wizard) but for all classes... by this I mean that at the very least, even if we do not all share MANA, the items could be a little more overarching and useful to most classes... I'd love to get FURY on crit without Into the Fray... I'd love using something else in it's place... but sadly, without that 1 single move, both HoTA and WW specs on barb break fast :(... I just helped you guys out, aren't you thankful!? Seriously, keep plugging away and God speed.
What is Blizzard's obsession with keeping everything in Diablo 3 so "simple"?

Like how many awesome features or enhancements have been dismissed out of "Well, we want to keep it simple"

In case you haven't noticed, this game has been simplified to death.
What is Blizzard's obsession with keeping everything in Diablo 3 so "simple"?

Like how many awesome features or enhancements have been dismissed out of "Well, we want to keep it simple"

In case you haven't noticed, this game has been simplified to death.

Nothing to see here back to PoE
It would be very enlightening to get an official reply regarding the understandably negative reception these Q&A "answers" have received. What steps will be implemented to make the next one more meaningful to the community?

I suggest you abandon secrecy and embrace transparency. Show an open vote on the questions and then have the developers answer the most popular questions with the same level of verbosity.

This current Q&A wasted the time of everyone involved - community, CMs, developers, and even the translators.

I would suggest letting these Q&As die off if they cannot be executed with answers to the hard-hitting questions that are meaningful to the community. As is, they just make Blizzard look bad.
Not that this is going to be read or acknowledged by the development team but...

Until the developers acknowledge the real, core, fundamental problems with the game (itemization, no character customization, no randomness or openness in the world, etc.) then this is just wasted effort.


+ Please address the real, core, fundamental problems (had to re-iterate).
+ Please don't spend 10 years sorting this out :)

>> Snap! LordZeus :p
I know this won't be read or acknowledged by them, but this was just pathetic. Recycled information that was previously put forth.

They should be ashamed of themselves.
02/11/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Ignatius
Often I can restore half my life with just two quick casts of WoL.

So you have 18 600 HP?
You do realize that LS would give you a lot more from 2 WoL and you wouldn't have to spend 150 spirit on it either. Life steal will always be many times better than lpss. Easy to make the calculations.
02/11/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Ignatius
Transcendence with a build that uses TR or WoL is AMAZING. Pretty much any build that chugs a lot of spirit. Often I can restore half my life with just two quick casts of WoL. And when I'm regenerating spirit as fast as I do, it becomes almost OP. There is serious life restoration in that one passive.

yes, for lower end monks and lower mp levels, this is true.
But for higher mp levels, you need to recover your whole hp in 1 second, or else you're dead.
your hp ball looks like winamp, and the only way to survive this is with amazingly high damage dissipation, which barbs have way much more, or with life steal, which also barbs have more. not just life steal as such, but life steal in runes in some skills.
But yeah, monks are fine!
02/11/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Lylirra
We definitely considered the right-click > duel option, but there's a downside to it. If we allowed players to just initiate duels by right-clicking on a player's portrait or in the Friends List, that feature could and probably would be used to grief people by pulling them into duels at arbitrary moments. Heck, even if this system required that the invited player interact with some sort of confirmation dialogue before a duel could be begin, someone still could theoretically spam the bejeebus out of the invite system and use the dialogue feature to interrupt other players’ demon slaying fun time. =/

you mean that couldnt be fixed with an ignore duel request button ? that you tick and dont see requests? (sorry i asked , seeing as we couldnt ignore gold spam for 5 months )
and we want dueling /pvp cause demonslaying in act 3 over and over is boring us to tears ! and interruption is what we wanted !

When the 1.0.7 PTR went live, you saw a lot of one-hit kills because players are stepping into the Scorched Chapel with their offensively-oriented PvE gear and sometimes even their PvE skill builds. You are certainly going to see a lot of one-hit kills in an environment like this. Sometimes you see one-hit kills simply because you’re vastly out-geared by your opponent. However, if players re-gear for some survivability in their item and skill choices, things have the potential to shift.

sending players back to the rmah to gear up in defense gear ?

Andrew: Trading is certainly super important, but I wouldn’t say the game is based on trading. Diablo III is about killing monsters and finding evermore powerful enemies and items to kill them with. Trading is just one method by which players can obtain items, and the Auction House is currently the most popular way to do that.

the reason the ah is so popular is the devs havent adressed all the scamming going on in trades and people are too scared to do it ... the trade channel was filled with gold spamming and creating a separate trade channel by name is unpossible (thanks wiggum )

was sorta keen to read this but felt flat and cheesed after it , and feel like we are being trolled with the pvp name changed... i guess i knew it was coming and nothing you have told us has changed even tho you answered a few questions , they where ideas you had set in stone anyways.

hope the new director tells us something exciting is on the cards . not a bit more dps , another gem increase and more resist gear

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