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Until the developers acknowledge the real, core, fundamental problems with the game (itemization, no character customization, no random'ness or open'ness in the world, etc.) then this is just wasted effort.
And I was excited for this Q&A... very disappointed. I thought we would have SOMETHING to chew on. Right now we only got a rehash of what we had already heard and no light at the end of the tunnel. It's pretty easy if you compare the numbers to see that something is amiss in the different skills.
Hmm, none of my highly rated questions got answered...would you mind posting the top 20 questions with the highest number of votes from each topic (US/EU)? Thanks in advance.

Too few questions answered. Answers were often unnecessarily too long and in vain.

Questions about account binding and gem cost could (and should) have been answered much sooner by community managers, more exactly when you introduced the changes. Monks and Wizards got their questions "answered" but they´ll be even sadder than before.

I welcome what seems to be a shift in philosophy from AH to "farm/craft your own gear", although it´s not convincing enough.

Tips for next time:
1. post a list of top20 or top30 questions by number of votes from each topic (US/EU/Asia).
2. mention which of the top ones didn´t follow the rules
3. give concise answers

Well, at least you tried...hope you improve in the future.
This also highlights the dangers of setting goals too low and then achieving them.
7 pages of hate replies so far.

Q&A another blizz success! Extra claps for you

I am so ready to give up now. 1.07 is a useless patch. No real issues addressed. Game is dying now.

Goodbye to my favourite arpg series, it's sad, it's really sad.

Wipe the skills . Make the OLD SKILL TREE YOU GUYS HAD!!!

Overhaul itemization



Obviously an expansion type thing but DO IT PLEASE
02/11/2013 10:42 AMPosted by andrewskdr

So where's the response on spirit generators?

That won't make it into 1.07 so no reason to answer here.

Neither did any OwE changes happen. Just seems like a huge sidestep, going through options that were talked about MONTHS ago (well before 1.07 and obviously not happening in 1.07)
Andrew: We agree that crafting gems can be slow and tedious, and we've seen a number of great suggestions from the community on how to address this issue. We are definitely looking into allowing you to perform a "craft all gems of this type" style action. Worth noting: we will only allow this for gems, as the crafted outcome is a very known quantity with fixed affixes. We still believe the process of crafting one random item at a time has value.

I hope you do this for essences and other crafting materials too.
02/11/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Lylirra
One of the problems with the unattractive Arcane Power spenders is that the only way to sustain casting these abilities is with APoC. Since this relies on procs, Arcane Power spenders with high proc scalars outshine the ones with low ones. We are looking at ways other than APoC for those Wizards with high attack speed to be able to sustain casting Arcane Power spenders for an extended period of time.

2 AP/s regen from arcannot familiar isnt enough. nor the 2/s from tal set. this could be increased and also add ap/s for powerhungry. The idea of buffed ap/s is good because it's even better for 2-handers which are the ones who really needs buffs. Though if secondaries become to ap-cheap none will use primaries (which arent very popular as it is). Could maybe be solved by adding small +ap bonus on use as the other classes have resource on hit with primaries. Or get ap regen for each primary put on the skill bar, or both.
I like the guy going through reporting everything that is critical.

Going to be 100+ deleted posts already...but yeah its the community's fault.

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