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Blizzard, a slim chance you will answer this, but I'll try anyway.

What's your reasoning behind the "We are ok with the current state of the monk passives"? What are you basing your thoughts on? Have you not read the forums lately?
Hmm, none of my highly rated questions got answered...would you mind posting the top 20 questions with the highest number of votes from each topic (US/EU)? Thanks in advance.

Too few questions answered. Answers were often unnecessarily too long and in vain.

Questions about account binding and gem cost could (and should) have been answered much sooner by community managers, more exactly when you introduced the changes. Monks and Wizards got their questions "answered" but they´ll be even sadder than before.

I welcome what seems to be a shift in philosophy from AH to "farm/craft your own gear", although it´s not convincing enough.

Tips for next time:
1. post a list of top20 or top30 questions by number of votes from each topic (US/EU/Asia).
2. mention which of the top ones didn´t follow the rules
3. give concise answers

Well, at least you tried...hope you improve in the future.

Nubtro: You are a smart man, you pretty much (from my understanding) made the ww/sprint build as efficient as possible with your research. Therefore the questions you put forth would have required them to think, something that they didn't want to do, as is obvious by the questions they chose to answer.
02/11/2013 11:17 AMPosted by dajusta

Well played, sir.
I thank the developers for answering some of our questions.

I wish they could have answered more than 19 questions though.

Maybe some of the blame should be on us though, for not asking enough good on-topic questions
I do agree with 95% of the responses here.

Still think Q&A is a good thing, hope the answers will be better next time.
So far, the response to this Q&A has been highly negative. Maybe a few that say they liked what they read but that's about it.
Some fanboy is super-reporting every post in here.

All this Q and A really did is make me wish you could thumbs down blue posts =(
quickly ! Throw in some fanboys and delete all the negative posts. The community's responses are just to negative about this.
Meanwhile in the EU forums...the thread is locked.
Was looking forward to this, have been defending Diablo in hopes that there was going to be something meaningful discussed in this whole "Ask the Devs" thing. It's plain that without JW you guys are attempting to actually connect with the community more, but it's truly unbelievable how out of touch the devs are with their own game. Monk passives "okay?" Look at the incredibly great passives (and skills, and gear) that barbs have access to for even one fleeting moment, and if you have even one cell in your brain you can see the massive inequalities that exist. Having lifesteal as a passive AND on belts, AND on rend, in addition to their incredibly good offensive and defensive skills, resource generation on crit, not to mention permawrath... it's extremely plain to see what the favoured class was. This goes for more than monks, of course.

What we need though, is certainly not a nerf to barbs, but rather buffs to every other class to put them in line with them. Everyone should be able to enjoy that level of fun, it's fun as hell, and that's what Diablo's about. Stop focusing so much on unimportant details of a painting whose canvas is flawed. Fix the massive problems in the game and stop asking the community for questions that you will not answer in good faith.
I like the guy going through reporting everything that is critical.

Going to be 100+ deleted posts already...but yeah its the community's fault.

people report post sometimes so they are actually read by someone at blizzard. It forces them to read them
You guys are lacking a vision or I just don't get it.

Seems to me everything gets kept overly simple and dumbed down. Please give us some depth. Some meta game for people who want to turn on their brains while playing a game.

Please stop being so extremely cautious with everything you do. The RMAH seems to have paralyzed you because everything you consider doing has to be weighed against that almighty "invalidating gear"-fear.

For the future of this game, it appears to me that you only dare to toy around with a few numbers. I guess we won't see any real changes until an expansion hits. :(
And to be honest, I don't have high hopes for an expansion right now.

The only answer of this Q&A that gives a little hope is the one where you describe your bad feelings about people getting most of their gear from the AH.
02/11/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Lylirra
So, in addition to selecting your MP and Quest, you could also hypothetically select your "Game Type," and "Brawling" could certainly be one of the types we make available.

well, this was nice to hear.... but that's about it. hope the itemization Q&A will be more interesting. regardless, thanks for the answers.
Where is this game going and how did 1.07 help us get there? This whole project needs a paradigm shift to maintain even the existing base let alone recapture the lost or attract new players.

The negativity will continue until there's some substantial, engaging content introduced.
Lol, I read the entirely Q&A thinking "Is this for real? Are they actually NOT doing something about itemization or dupe?"

Damn blizz, you use to be cool ....
I do agree with 95% of the responses here.

Still think Q&A is a good thing, hope the answers will be better next time.

I am incredibly dissappointed with this... Why post things like this? What are these plans to make changes that are not simply numbers tweaks?

Now you're saying you're happy with our passives?

We’re definitely aware of your concerns, and we agree that additional improvements should be made, especially with regards to play style options, build diversity, and the performance and budget of monk resources. We feel that the monk has the most potential for improvement, and we have plans to make more changes to the monk after 1.0.5. The sort of changes we’d like to make are not simple number tweaks, though.

Ultimately, we want to make monks more engaging to play and really immerse players in what it would feel like to be a fast-punching martial arts master. We have a number of ideas on how to accomplish that for the future, and we want to provide improved passives, particularly passives that can be used for a more offensively-minded monk.

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