WD paragon level 56 needs a tune up

Witch Doctor

A little background first, I typically farm act three with occasional mp5-8 uber/key runs with a barb. and sorc.. I've tried different builds provided from skywalker's thread (fire doc, pets build), but can't find one yet that completely gels with my gear. Since I can't seem to break 100k dps (without skorn), I typically hover in the low range between 50-80k dps. My dps is too low to be useful attack wise on higher mps, so I've pretty much used my WD as a support class with actives: hex/jinx, bbv/slam dance.



Bottom line:

I want to be a well rounded semi-tank/support class that can do act3 speed runs for farming/exp and be better equipped to contribute in mp5-8 uber/key runs w/group.
Get a witching hour (mine was cheap) a better mojo, I paid 250k for mine, and a weapon with some life steal on it. I sit around 100k dps unbuffed and a lot of your gear is better than mine.
drop PTV for Blood ritual
drop tribal rights for rush of essence
Guy above is right with the get a witching hour +Life steal but you're going to need more armor (body+Feet are good place to get those after you swap our your belt)
Get a helm with mana regen or CC instead of all resist
Ditch that SOS for a max mana/regen/int serpant, they're dirt cheap and almost always have 250+ ave damage, plus 9cc min. Ditch that Lacuni, you're a slower WD, it's the only speed gear you got, get a nicer Strongarm Bracer with AR or a good rare with ar/vit/int/5%cc. The most beast upgrade you could do is a waaay better set of rare pants, look at mine, only 13 mill, you can easily obtain some with ~70 less stats for a couple mill.

The kicker is when you lose the SOS, you gotta get a Zuni helm, I very strongly suggest you opt for a mana regen one.

Bro SRSLY though, you can sell those three topaz and go beast shopping for a Witching Hour and some CC/CD/INT/AR gloves.
Not haitin' on the ammy and unity, they're solid and I know how much ammys can be...
Alright guys, I did the tune up with your advice. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

@Dutchy I'm still looking at getting a witching hour (WH) the next time I make a good trade. For the most part the low end prices I'm seeing for a WH belt are 8-12 million. I used my 10 million budget for the VoG helm with 4% cc, and 5% cc on acid rain and mana regen.

@Jimbob I changed out my passives that hopefully work better now with my actives. I also got a life steal 1h. It's not the greatest dps, but the best I could find for 1.5 million that had min/mix, vit, int. and socket. I'm still not near 100k dps, but I def. feel like I can survive better now with all the life steal, life on hit, health regen, melee attackers taking dam. atm.

@Blastronaut Yeah, my SOS mojo kinda stinks without the cc% in there, but the int, vit, and avg. damage is pretty slick. I have two Zuni helms, but neither have cc%. I laughed out loud at your "beast shopping" I love my top tier topaz and would be hard to part with them, but I may have to if I can't raise enough gold to go shopping again for better gear. I had a Tal Rasha ammy on but it doesn't have cc% at all, so I swapped it for the rare ammy. How much is a Lacuni w/%cc going for these days on AH anyway? I do have a strongarm bracer I can put in place, but then my movement speed drops to 12%. =*(. Maybe I should pick up the monk pants to restore my movement speed to 24%? Finally, one more question: which is better- litany of the undaunted or unity?
I don't agree with most of what Blastronaut has suggested. Using Acid Cloud you are going to want to keep using Vision of Giyua. You are definitely going to want to keep lacunis as well and since you are using acid cloud as well you're not going to want to drop blackthorne's either. A unity is a more offensive ring you could also consider a spirit barrage soj as well.
Jimbob may be right, I may be right, these are just suggestions that you can go either way with. I've pretty much done it all since the first day D3 came out, that's just the things I personally think are best for what you seem to be going for in my opinion.

Now I usually just make high troll builds

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