looking to trade my barb for your monk

anyone interested?
What's your dps unbuffed? Just curious.
not necessarily true. you can hit paragon 100 twice as fast, even if you were to tempest rush through mp-0 or 1, this barb farms that speed at mp4 and 5. the farm speed of a high dps barb is unmatched.

im just getting bored, wanna go back to monk for a while.
How would you go about doing the trade? I'm not interested just asking to aid in the process and to help deter scamming.
ive got a thread running on d2jsp currently for the trade. it will be done through a mediator.
so unbuffed dps?

don't understand why so many always dump all their gear and switch classes and then do it again. I like my 4 classes to always have gear so i can pick and choose to play when I want. My monk is great for mp8-10 ubers with 1 other. Not with the weapons he has now. That's just for farming items and exp runs.
02/12/2013 10:01 AMPosted by Fitz
the farm speed of a high dps barb is unmatched.

Let me fix that for you.

The farm speed of a high dps barb WAS unmatched.


LOL, I don't think a TR monk can farm as fast as a barb at higher MP lvl's. Maybe at mp0-2, but not mp4+... That's why I'm running a barb now as well. I think my barb farms way faster then my monk, but my monk is a complete tank when needed.

5.8% LS, 1752 LoH, 245 LPSS( 12.2k hp per mantra spam), 10k extra globes/potions.
in wrath, im at about 400k dps and i can keep that up almost permanently.i can clear mp6 elite packs in about 6 or 7 seconds, and i can just leave nados in a huge trash pack and they die almost instantly.. you never stop moving. i mean i love my barb to death but i just think its time to move on to monk.

if anyone feels like dumping gold into buying a full barb, ill also sell him if you dont want to trade.

oh @ hambone

dps is 231k with passives. ill replace the hellfire ring with something that maintains the dps. may also add some vit to the ring to make up for plvl loss.
well i have a ton of monk gear and extra's. I'd be interested in trading some gear to get some of your gear. Or are you just looking for a full flat out trade? Kinda hard to value everything these days. Gold wise, what value are you asking for the barb?

asking because my monk is set as a LPSS monk, not many others do that and not sure why because he's a total tank and doesn't ever run from anything, accept kings walk of death in mp8+ :)
well, ill have to look and see what you have.

i took the time the night before last to price check every piece individually, then deducted the AH tax from every piece, added it all up and it came out to 1.343 billion gold. the gems alone are over 200 mil, depending how the market is going to turn due to the patch. i was looking to get 1.3 billion for EVERYTHING, including gems. ill be more than happy to check your stuff out hambone, add me once servers come back up.
1.3B looks like a fair price. No lowballing/overpriced for both sides.

Someone looking to buy into a barb could fetch a lower price with bids, but you gotta compensate this guy for his effort into building a barb set.
Sounds good. Mite have some dinner plans to attend to but that's still up in the air. I should be home in 2hrs tho from now and hopefully the patch doesn't get pushed back some.
@ shade thanks, i appreciate the words.

hambone, thats cool with me. im usually online until around 11pm EST every night. and knowing blizzard, the downtime will probably get pushed back quite a bit lol.
lol 2 hour extension! i knew it! they can never get anything right the first time around. jeez
bump for servers being up!

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