looking to trade my barb for your monk

missed you in the mp10 run lol. internet wasn't being nice last night?
oh hambone! my internet is awesome, i just blew about 4 lbs of dust out of my video card. decided to turn the pc off for the night and go to sleep. we shall pick up where we left off later.
Nice. I don't like air cooled cards anymore for those reasons. My 2700k(@5ghz) and both 7970's are all on water and pc never gets loud :D

Funny you say that. Buddy brought his pc by last night as well for me to blow it out cuz it was making crazy sounds again.
lol donate please! ive got a DECENT at best machine, runs d3 fine, i just fail at keeping it clean.
Check these vid's out. This is how I do it. I build them as crazy as they can get.


holy fk.

thats insane.

i enjoy your music choice as well lol.
If you ever need pc advice, I'm here and and always willing to help out. I've built over 300 gaming pc's in my area (cleveland) for many people.
call me?

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