To WIZARDS trying to port high IAS gear to WD

Witch Doctor
IAS is not a bad thing for WD. I was originally a CM/WW wizard and I felt SOL trying to port my armor over to my WD. No one likes to be sitting around mana starved....

Now this all depends on the armor that you already have. But a common set up I see on a cm/ww wiz is:

Zuni Chest
Zuni Boots
Zuni Ring: IAS + CC + (CD if your rich)
Rare Gloves: IAS + CC +CD
Amulet: IAS + CC + (CD if your rich)
Ring: IAS + CC
Witching Hour: IAS + CD
Vile Wards
Chants Set

This is a pretty solid and typical cm/ww build running around 2.5 IAS - 2.75 IAS.

Now when porting your gear to your WD make these changes, (you will have to anyway).

Main hand: Rare knife with +14 mana regen
Offhand : String of Skulls with +14 mana regen (+20 mana regen from zuni bonus)
Helm: Rare helm with +14 mana regen and +100 max mana
Optional Ring: Stone of Jordan +150 max mana

Keep other gear the same!

Use the spiritual Attunement passive that gives you 1% mana regen of your max mana (+12 mana regen)
Optional: Blood Ritual Passive

With these changes you will prob be around 2 AS, but you will have 115-130 mana regen per second. This means that yes, you can dish out tons of mana in seconds but that mana will be replenished almost instantly after u spent it. I dont use VQ or any free to cast spells and I never feel mana starved even in at high MP levels running Zombie bear. However, If you really want to pwn ubers like a cm/ww; use VQ, throw some widowmakers and hold down the zombie bear key and forget and watch the +600ks pop up.


Ias is awesome for WD's if you have 130 mana regen per second.
Agreed! But I also like actually being able to use PTV! So I knocked my attack speed down to 1.65...
While I agree with most of what you said... you will find it difficult to sustain life without LS on your weapon unless you are purely running AcidCloud/RoT in which case your dmg output will be dwarfed compared to the potential of bears.

PS. What happened to your shield and String of Ears?
Dear wizards:

Use your VW, TWH, and BJM. Use your Zuni pieces if you have them. Toss everything else. Seriously: you will have a better experience as a WD. Look at ofgortens profile above. I see about 1.6 APS and he has more IAS than most. No more than 3-4 pieces with IAS.
actually most wizards use archon, which translates over to WD very well since they don't care about ias. my wizard gear works perfectly fine on my WD, except I have a zuni chest that I was using on my wiz at one point if I want to use bears(I don't usually though)
@Jars: yes I think you're right since I did the switch in reverse: WD gear works just fine for archon. Also blizzard/blades which can actually use all the PUR if your WD gear has it. That's what I do if I don't feel like playing my wizard as cm/ww.

However: subject specifies high IAS, which implies cm/ww... not necessarily archon.
I play at 1.65 and it feels perfect. Especially for solo runs - group you'll go oom sometimes depending on who you're playing with at higher mps, but it's not that huge of a deal. Maybe wouldn't mind going up to 1.75 since I tend to use Spiders a good amount. But yeah, you're in for a world of hurt if you go bears without any LS. Might be able to get away with it up to mp5 or so with awesome gear, but eh. I don't think it would ever be worth sacrificing that regen just for some extra dps.

Edit: Seriously, milk Gruesome Feast for all it's worth and use it at the highest mp you can effectively use it at. I was doing SA, BR, VQ for a long time in mp7-8, but I recently dropped VQ for GF and the results are sooo much better.
What about using Well of Souls and Lingering Spirit with RoE. How does that do when you have high attack speed?

i want to get in touch with a 2.3+ IAS WD using the above. I want to know if it makes for a viable Spirit Doctor. Please feel free to add me and contact me in game.

Spirit Doctor:!bef

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