Help me get to 100k DPS + mp5

Ok my goal is to reach around 100k DPS with my monk.
Also survival stats so I can't die easily. (vitality/resistance/life steal/life on hit/armor)
I currently do 66k DPS ( over 100k DPS with my skill build for short period of time)
I also want to run MP5 and do some key runs(never done key runs because im too weak)
Im short on money. I only have 4mill because i spend 6mill on some gears for my monk.
But i can get more money cause i have $5 bucks in AH.

Please check my info to see my current items.

Please help :D

I never reached 100k DPS so i really want to reach that far.
Your 1 handers should be switch to lower, cheaper socketed ones and put some emerald gems on it. For example, if you want to preserve the sickle +WKL combo, get a lower base damage one with socket on it, gonna cost you though. Get some rares with LS and Dex or LoH with socket with high base dps; it would help you in the long run.

Also, change your shoulders to better ones; I used Vile Ward. And for survivability, get blackthorne's and swap them with your inna's; while innas grant dps, blackthorne's give survivability. Get more VIT for your other equips as well.
If you want to do key runs at MP5, I would focus more on your survival than DPS. I was too lazy to add up, but it seems that resists are low, in addition to your HP being low. If you were less squishy, then you could join some groups and do key runs, people usually don't mind as much carrying lower DPS than constantly reviving. This approach would require changing your armor before your weapons.

In terms of weapons, as Krayola said, you should also think of more sustain. Your right around the DPS breakpoint for LS, and LS weapons cost more than LOH, but you don't have much IAS so LS may still be the better investment, especially as your DPS rises. I'd follow Krayola's suggestion and go for a socketed rare with LS but no natural crit and then see how dual LS works for you versus the loss of hidden DPS from the WKL. But compare prices as maybe LS is just too expensive relative to LOH. Also use a DPS calculator so you know what any AH weapon would do for you. There are several on the web, or you can download Vrkhrz, which I think is better to use as you can store all the things you contemplating buying for continuous D3 daydreaming
your dps is already high enough for MP7. 50k dps with WKL should faceroll MP5. you are just lacking in resistance and sustain. here are my inputs:

1) get a dex litany of undaunted ring to replace your right ring. this will give you a much needed 60+ resist boost. 300k-500k
2) change inna's radiance with 40+ fire and similar dex/vit to yours. 300k-1M
3) change your WKL weapon to a 700+ LOH version instead of the crit dmg. The one i'm wearing (ls + loh) cost me 600k and I can do MP7 all day with it. spend 1M max

Above will give you 100+ resist, 700+ LOH. Good luck!
thanks everyone for the information as i am a noob to diablo 3 even though ive played all characters to lvl 60( # paragon lvl LOL).

ill try everyones advice out and give some write back on how im doing after buying the necessary equips for survival.
I'm in the same boat you are, actually just posted something along these lines a day or two ago, but it looks to me like you're leaving quite a bit of damage on the table by just not upgrading your gems?

you can easily add another 100 DEX & 6% life by just taking your gems to Radiant Stars... No plan drop needed for those and they are relatively cheep to do.

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