Weekly Giveaway 2/17 Nat's/Mempo/Fist...

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First off we had 74 entrants last week and the lucky winners are:
EF - steerpike
Inna's Favor - fiberbeam
SoJ - Omega

Congrats! Items might make it further down the list if any of the winners decline their items

This week we will be giving away 4 prizes...read the rules!

1) Winners will be picked randomly 2/17 at noon EST
2) To enter just post on the thread with the prizes you would like to try for (you can try for as many as you'd like)
3) Please enter only if you will use the items (no reselling)
4) If you do not need a particular prize let me know and I will pass it on to the next highest roll if you win/give you a lower prize if you were interested in one of those.


1st Prize: Natalya's Reflection / Bloody Footprints set (currently gives 7% crit)
Ring - 87 dex, 44 Arcane, 8% Atk speed, 20% CD, 225 Life/sec, 17% MF
Boots - 98 dex, 30 Arcane, 76 AR, +256 armor, 12% move speed
Approx Value 75m

2nd Prize: Radiant Star Amethyst
18% life in helm or 58 vit in armor
Approx Value 20m

3rd Prize: Mempo of Twilight
196 dex, 32 vit, 79 resist, 9% atk speed, 10% life, open socket
Approx Value 10m

4th Prize: Fist of Az'Turrasq / Inna's Favor
Fist - 1237.9 dps, 197 dex, 1.85 spirit regen/sec, 3.9% stun
Belt - 85 dex, 1% CC, +249 armor
Approx Value 5m

Reminder - If you don't need/want a particular item let me know in your post and I'll drop it down to a person with a lower roll.

Good luck
3rd Prize!

If I win i'll be all like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlcqWQVVuU
First Prize all the way!
I'll try again, here's hoping! I would like to try for the nat's set myself. Thanks again.
I would love prize #1, #2, or even #3!

I don't need prize #4 =)
2nd prize please!
1st Prize
Thanks for setting this up!

I'd like to try for 1st or 2nd prize
I think any of those prizes would help with my character development.

Congratulations to last weeks winners.
!st Prize =D
Hey Xoran! I'll go for the 3rd prize :)
1st Prize please!!
1st prize!!!
First prize please!
Am I the only one who likes the thought of fourth prize? (Mainly for dat fist weapon if anything)
2nd prize please :)
4th or 3rd look good to me :D
1st or 2nd prize plz.
Any prize would do.

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