Weekly Giveaway 2/17 Nat's/Mempo/Fist...

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I could use prize 4.
First, second, and third prize please : )
I do not need the fourth.
Hopefully the first!
4th prize would really help my monk a lot! Hope i win it! lol
I'd love a shot at the Amythest! Thanks!
2nd prize for me!
I could use any prize. Thanks
Count me in on fist and amethyst.

What is the random roll on the fist?
1st or 2nd for me......
I'll enter for Prize 2, could use the Ammy
I wanna try again! Hehe For all the prizes!!
1st prize
1st/3rd prize ^^
2nd Prize: Radiant Star Amethyst

Thanks. ^_^
2nd prize please!!!!
I'm gonna try for first prize.
2nd prize would be welcome
Hi I would like to try for prize set #1 and #3.

Prize #2 please! :D
Radiant Star Amethyst please :)
1-3rd Prize OMG!

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