Weekly Giveaway 2/17 Nat's/Mempo/Fist...

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I would like prize 1
2nd prize please
i would like prize 2
I would like prize 3
I'd like to put in for the Radiant Star Amethyst, the Mempo, and the Fist. Thanks Xoran! You're an awesome member of this community!
I would like prize 4
ill go with 4th price, want to change my wep to DW fist azturq need the stun chances :D :D
2nd prize :D
1st prize,
I have been looking at that set, my resist is arcane
#1,2,and #4
3rd price thx
Oh man that Nat's set would be killer for me. Count me in for prize 1.
I'd like to get in on the 2nd or 4th prize pool. I don't need the Nat's stuff cause I have it, but the gem would be really nice, I would end up selling the Mempo cause I believe my Radiance at the moment is better. I don't really want the Favor, but for set pieces it would be nice to have. My main interest is the high-end DPS the Fist gives, and providing I win this Echoing Fury that I have a bid on, I'll gain almost 15-20k DPS with the Fist cause it would be taking place of the WKL I have cause I'm a thunder-monk.
I'm in for prize 1, 3 or 4. I'm in the process of building a DH so that Nats set would be pretty sweet.
I'm currently leveling a monk (dinged 41 last night on MP10) I've been budget shopping for gear once I hit 60 and prize 4 would be amazing! I'd have my 2set Inna's bonus with the belt. And having a solid weapon obviously isn't going to hurt me at all.
You are the man. I would love prize one or two. I do not need 3 or 4. Good luck all.
I would like to be in the running for #1 through #3 . . . Thanks!
1st plz!
Second or Third for me!
1st prize is pretty :p

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