Weekly Giveaway 2/17 Nat's/Mempo/Fist...

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battletag Dez#1675
I could use any of the four prizes! 1, 2, 3 or 4
First prize!! I am an arcane monk :)

Thanks in advance.
I'd like to try for #1 and #2 please!
Any of the prizes would be much appreciated. Just getting back into the game and I'm having a blast but seem to be lacking the gear I need to continue.
I would like to have the 2nd Prize: Radiant Star Amethyst. Would be an awesome gem upgrade for my helm.
first prize!
I'd love the mempo or radiant amethyst, count me in!
I would like to try for all of the prizes for my mom and dad who are trying to get further along in Inferno MP :D
I would like to try for 1st place items.:)
I would like 2nd place prize :)
1st & 3rd prizes!
I would like 3rd place prize
I would like 4th place price, honestly tho im new and not that good yet due to lack of equipment so an of the prizes would help out a ton.. thanks
I would like to try for any of the 4 prizes!
Prize 1 and 3 would certainly be nice upgrades for me =)
Any price here here!
Could really use #1 or #3. Don't need #2, but wouldn't mind #4 either.Tresbien#6234
1st and 3rd prize. Would love the nats set
1st Prize please!! Just the ring though, can give the boots to someone else ty =]

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