Hi Guys i am considering upgrading my weapon is wkl a good weapon to upgrade for my butcher sickler ?
I would say it depends on the other hand weapon... but your in tempest rush gear in your profile.

I use both the BS and the WKL.
i have a ef on my main hand w/o ls so i am thinking of getting a wkl as i saw from fourm that people that used wkl mention that it will make killing things faster wondering if its true
hi OP, from playing experience yes WKL helps in killing faster.

if ur on cookie cutter build, FoT:TC n SW:C that is (dunnoe if it helps other skills as that two is lightning affinity)

if u wanna buy a WKL dont, y... as i have loads in stash n i gladly give u 3

i give u a 700++ dps with 20-25 lightning skills , 800++ dps with any lightning skills and a 900++ dps with 15-20 lightning skills.

u test it out n from there u can make ur judgement n buy a good one.

y i have loads? im still in my quest to get a good WKL so i buy lots of UNid hoping to get an awesome one. the past week there was one on AH.

stats: 950 dps, 99CD, Open Socket, 5 lightning dmg, 16 to lightning skills.
seller post 200min bid n 800 buyout. at the last 5 secs got sniped away but credit to the new owner, despite the low lightning bonuses, that WKL will do insane dps to monsters.

u can go to D3up n see under skills, u will notice quite a difference in dps to ur thunderclap n cyclones with even just 15% bonus to lightning skills.

i have one on sale at AH for 40m - 64cd, OS, 6/20, 850 dps

nuff said ... add me ingame n i gladly give away my stash of WKLs. others are welcome to get it for free as well.

Battletag: KaizerAkira#6290 (msg: free WKL) so i know.. hehe cheers fellow monks.
Cookie yes WKL is arguable BiS for monk cookie cutter build. If you do intend to pick one up make sure you get one with Lighting Skill damage above 20% as close to 25% as your budget allows. This is where the DPS shines and is not shown on paper.
Yes absolutely thumbs up capt.,.
WKL is really good because it increases the damage done by lightning attacks by 15-25%. While their base damage doesn't usually get very high, that percent damage will still make you do a lot more damage. Your paper damage will decrease, but your effective damage will skyrocket.
WKL works wonders. I pair mine with crystal fist. I got one of the best WKL I've seen so far.
@venveng... thats indeed one nice WKL. perfect 6/25.

but on just 2.9 LS is it enuff. coz ive been tryin around with just 3 LS. im thinking of getting either WKL with LS or native CD n open socket.
thanks alot guys your advise really make me want to change to wkl i will be getting one with ls to replace my butcher sickler so like what capt says i will be looking at lighting damage close to 25% :)
@venveng... thats indeed one nice WKL. perfect 6/25.

but on just 2.9 LS is it enuff. coz ive been tryin around with just 3 LS. im thinking of getting either WKL with LS or native CD n open socket.

I'm doing ubers mp8-10 and regularly farm mp6 and don't have any problem keeping alive, only dies once or twice (on really rare occasion) . Well I do have a lot of armor and HP.
venveng your wkl should cost alot right ? haha
I'd definitely echo what has already been said. If you are going to remain with any variance of the 1.0.6 cookie cutter build after tomorrow's maintenance, than yes a WKL is very worth it.

At my low(ish) gear quality, 25% lightning skills damage is worth about 19k pdps unbuffed and about 30k once fully buffed.
Its hard to find any weapon that can match the dps of a nicely rolled wkl. The wkl i use can out-dps most weapons.
02/11/2013 07:46 PMPosted by cookieboy
venveng your wkl should cost alot right ? haha

snatched it for 65mil
02/11/2013 11:04 PMPosted by venveng
snatched it for 65mil

Oh no XD I fear you may have overpaid :/
You may want to wait until the patch hits to see if you're going to keep the same playstyle. Myself, I plan to switch over to quickening/WoL, meaning that cyclone and FoT are doing a smaller portion of my damage, meaning that WKL isn't going to be as helpful as it was before the patch.
i guess now everybody is waiting for the new patch to come out before upgrading to wkl haha anw for venveng's weapon 65M is overpaid ?

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