Pre 1.0.7 Para 100 Honor List

Witch Doctor
with 1.0.7 scheduled for Tuesday February 12, 2013... I wanted to comprise a list of those who hit para 100 the "old school" way before the new XP buffs arrive.

If you are para 100 or hit it before 1.0.7 goes in, please see my link and post your hero profile link in there so I can add you to the list.

Congrats for all those who have hit 100 already and for those working hard to get there!

LOL "old school" way as in I had lots of time to spend leveling, and my level 100 took longer then yours. I used to have to walk up hill to school both ways in the snow.
Congrats to farming MP0/1 over and over.. and over... and over... and over again. I opt to run upper MP from the time MP's were released. They should have had higher exp to the upper MP levels the moment the released them. Too many people running MP0/1 just for speed farming IMO.

They are finally rewarding those that opt for running more challenging MP levels... something that should have been done to begin with. Now people will actually have a reason to run MP10 besides ubers.
How about a club for people who beat inferno pre-1.0.3? That's about the only one that matters.
lol, damn if only i hadn't played every class and just grinded the same thing over and over until i hated the game i could be on bubbagumps cool kid list.
hahaha..."honor list"!!??....congrats u finished mp1 10000000000000 times!
Like mp10 was a big challange. It is exact same thing, except 30x slower.
Paragon 100 is nothing more than endurance test, and no it isn't easy thing to do.
02/11/2013 07:52 PMPosted by PurgatoryZ
How about a club for people who beat inferno pre-1.0.3? That's about the only one that matters.

Also me.
Add me ive been para 100 for quite a while now :p
congrats to those that made it pre patch!
Haha, hit 100 at the beginning of this month. Was never in a huge rush. Btw, the real champs are the ones who did it in 1.0.4 before the HF ring even existed lol. But yeah, it really is just a manner of speed running lower mps over and over. Bulk of my leveling came from mp3.
im proud to part of this group.

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