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I am a relatively new player, and after having tried a few classes out to 60, I am trying to narrow down to one class to commit to with my casual playing time. I enjoy both DH and WD, and between the two classes, my goal is to have a decently efficient speed of farming/grinding (doesn't have to be top notch, just as long as it doesn't feel dragging) and also spend a good chunk of my time in pvp/3 or 4 man brawl, not really 1v1 dueling. For the past week or so I've been playing a bit more on my DH because Strafe build felt like it was faster paced for a budget. However, after seeing all the DH pvp videos on PTR, it seemed like a lot of money would need to be invested in order to have an effective pvp DH to maintain a decent up-time on smoke screen, which I may never be able to achieve for a long time. So I'm at the point where I have no idea which direction I want to go between DH and WD.

So I wanted to ask the WD community to get some realistic expectations and projections of how the WD would play out on a casual budget for semi-decent farming and pvp in its current state in PTR. Since I'm a relatively new player and have no idea about end-game gearing, it seems like no matter which class I choose between WD and DH I will need a whole lot of gold to be at least mid-tier competitive in pvp. On the other hand, I also feel like I'm just really having trouble figuring out properly gearing my WD and maximizing my expenses... so any feedback would be appreciated. THanks in advance!
WD and DH are pretty much on par with PvP. In farming efficiency though, I think DH are much more faster in terms of clear speed (They do have the spin to win mechanic like the barb). As for actual gameplay, WD is by far the most FUN to play ever. I've had WD friends since the start and are still playing WD till now...While my DH friends have either quit or re-rolled or are playing another class.

That's just my opinion though... I still love playing my WD from time to time and I've invested alot of hours into it already...
Dude please. WD are way more efficient at farming than DH, just have a look at those speedy low MP builds. I prefer WD over DH any day.

That said DH with legacy Natalya's do have an upper hand in Brawling.
I just uploaded another speed run:

got 7.8m XP in 4:45min
Dude please. WD are way more efficient at farming than DH, just have a look at those speedy low MP builds. I prefer WD over DH any day.

That said DH with legacy Natalya's do have an upper hand in Brawling.

legacy nats is worse to get than good 0 dog gear

and thats just disgusting. Are there even any good leg nats left?
I play both and WD and DH. I find I'm far faster to clear with the WD and also have a mojo with 20 yard gold pickup so saves time that way. I run a bears build with spiders and well of souls for both close range high damage and distance (scattering packs / monsters / 1-3 monster) or acid cloud depending. There is a build that uses horrify and spirit walk to speed you up. DH might be faster with vault but I find I slow down in larger mobs.
Deciding on a class is tough, for pvp id say WD is cheaper to gear than a DH due to legacy nats.
But for farming, the bottom line is that all classes can pilage mp0-3 with efficency. High mps these are the two worst classes until you get uber geared.

Play whatever class is the most fun for you as it will keep you playing the longest, and thus be more rewarding both in game and out.
really appreciate the thoughtful responses!
My first toon was a WD. Only other guy I got to 60 is a DH. Don't like the way they play, don't know why, I just don't. I'm a big fan of WD and will be till the end of time.


WD is a hellofalot quicker at doing low MP runs. I'm able to do runs wayyyy quicker then my buddies DH who does 100k+ more DPS then me but he's able to do the higher MP's like 7+, I'm struggle in MP6. But I own him in PVP. Dudes killed me maybe 5 times, maybe.

So.. IMO, WD is the ish. Fun to play, cheap to gear for PVP and low MP's. Haven't spent more then 10 million on my WD as a whole, got some lucky drops and some lucky hand-me-downs. But all in all, I'm happy with the WD. Not to mention the WD Community is hands-down the best one out there. We're the nicest, sure you'll get a few bad apples, but it's very few indeed.

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