Stats/Affix needed for efficient perma-WotB?

I am looking to gear my Barbarian toward the perma-WotB build (or at least semi-perm). Looking for suggestions please, as to which items/stats I should be looking for, and what I should upgrade/switch to on my hero.

This is my Barbarian as of right now:

In addition to what is seen there, I have another Bul-Kathos' set, both swords with high Vit.

Right now I can't keep WotB going for more than around 20 or so seconds and then its done.

Do I need higher crit chance? If so, what should I be looking to hit... 50% at least?

ANY suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Sorry for being such a newb, I just want to efficiently do some quick farming runs using WotB and have fun doing it.

Thanks in advance!
you need to generate fury and spend fury to keep wotb up, you need battle shout into the fray for the fury Regen, and higher crit to proc into the fray
Yes, your crit chance is way too low. 40% is the absolute minimum imho, but 45% and more is better.

Amulet and off hand ring are good places to get crit chance as well as braciers. Those three slots can give you 20.5% critical hit chance.
Thanks for the input guys, anyone else feel free to chime in, I'd love to hear more
1. Replace your rare ring with a +attack speed + cc ring.
2. Replace bloodthirst with Weapons Master.
3. Remember to press on the Sprint key once every 3 seconds (This will of course change later on when you get the hang of it and can do it instinctively). If you press more frequently than that, you might lose fury as you keep resetting the tornadoes instead of letting them die out, maxing their fury and life leech, before casting new tornadoes via the Sprint key.
4. Spam OPKS by pressing the key everytime you press on the Sprint key.
5. Pay attention to your fury globe. If it's constantly full, you need to dump fury to keep WOTB up. Do this by multi-tapping (2 to 3 times in rapid succession) on the Sprint key. This allows you to quickly lower your fury so you can replenish it during battle. Whirlwinding large mobs would make you generate too much fury too fast.
6. If you can't generate fury fast enough, replace Unforgiving with Animosity. This helps fury generation much better. you might end up generating too much fury too fast if you use Animosity so be mindful. If that happens, try using Superstition instead.
7. Having a full IK 5 set also helps with fury management. Consider this option.
8. Lastly, watch your WOTB timer when you cast it. It gives you an idea of how much time your WOTB has in relation to your WOTB cooldown. The goal is to keep resetting the timer until your WOTB cooldown is over and WOTB can be cast again if you lose it.

Phew! That was alot to type. lol
Wow! Thanks for taking the time to explain all of that, MasterPUA !

That is very helpful, and I'm definitely going to be saving this thread for future reference on how to accomplish this goal.

Any other tips are also welcome, I know there are many different approaches/builds to this out there and everyone has their own preferences.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed!
Also, should I sacrifice VIT in favor of STR in most cases? And if so, shouldn't I aim to get my res-all as high as possible?
As for my amulet, should I look for one with CC/CD and STR (or LoH)? Most of those seem ungodly expensive from what I've seen. What stats should I look for if I'm only wanting to spend say up to 10mil on an ammy?

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