what changes do i need to do co op mp10 ubers

Witch Doctor
The WD in my profile...currently around 650-700 unbuffed AR, 44k hp, 98k dps. Just want to run ubers not looking to pass the gear check to solo Mp10.
Soul Harvest, Horrify, Grave Injustice and Zombie Handler are pretty useless (in all caps) in Ubers.

I would adjust your build to:
If siegebreaker poses a threat:
Haunt or Rain Dance

They'll love you for your dps.

Acid Cloud

With Acid Rain you won't need spirit vessel. They'll love you for never dieing.

BTW roll the bones can be replaced for Widowmaker Spiders.
thanks for the response...what sort of stat thresholds should i shoot for
Your stats are good, you could hit Mp10 easily with Acid Cloud. Bears is high risk high damage.

But in my experience Mp10 takes too long. Mp8 is better. For effective Mp10 you need to be up in the 160k+ dps range.
thanks...guess ill work on just pumping up the dps which is always a good idea. i don't see why acid cloud is so good guess ill have to try it out....is it coefficients or just that it will pump out so much dmg and lifesteal for me?
yes its coeff stacks with each cast, but only the coeff not the damage. It work's better with LoH than lifesteal.

If you get some stun gloves and freeze belt, you can play a Proctor, which freeze and hold enemies in place 75% of the time (like a CM build). See my profile for a good example of gloves and belt.
thanks...is locust a good single target? seems pretty solid for the multiplier.
If you have enough mana regen, VQ, BR, and not a not too high attack speed, you can alternate Rain of Toads and Acid Rain. If your attack speed is higher just hold down RoT longer and count to 1s or something. The chance to stun/freeze is very high in this case. If you get hit, and as long as you live, you'll be already healed on the next tick, depending on how much Life on hit you have.

It's really funny to see a boss like siege breaker with 'reflects damage' not even hurting you a little bit, both because you get so much LoH and because he's held in place by stun/freeze.

I've never heard of locust on bosses.
so i could pick up say a freeze witching hour and stun gloves, and get more dps and LOH? atm i only have like 400 life on hit....i could definitely afford more dps on a weapon if it wasn't lifesteal.
currently on AH theres a 96 int, 9 ias, 43 cd witching hour with 4.1% freeze for 30 mil
My ubers build is as follows,

Garg-restless giant
Acid cloud-lob blob bomb
BBV- slam dance
Spirit Walk- Jaunt
Corpse spiders-widowmakers

Spirit vessel
Vision quest
Blood ritual

Vision quest, spiders, blood rit will keep your mana topped off. Jaunt lasts as long as a Res so you can res in pretty much ANY situation. BBV is like crack for all classes. Spirit vessel gives you a second chance if you make a mistake.

Now if running without a CM wiz, which isnt really reccomended( but def doable) , I change Garg to hex jinx for zultan kulle.

Mp 10 minmum stats are pretty standard. 650 all res, 45klife and around 3.5k armor, though if the group is solid as well as your gameplay I have done it, actuzlly did it before any nerf to ubers, with 600 all res, 40k life and 3k armor.

They call us doctors for a reason, when the $@&? hits the fan and there is one man standing, it better be the WD cause with Jaunt you can res the whole team in any circumstance.
02/11/2013 08:52 PMPosted by Orwell
The WD in my profile...currently around 650-700 unbuffed AR, 44k hp, 98k dps. Just want to run ubers not looking to pass the gear check to solo Mp10.

For skills, I would use.
horrify-frightening aspect
BBV- slam dance
Spirit Walk- Jaunt
Bears(or WoS)
Corpse spiders-widowmakers(or leaping spiders)

Spirit vessel
Vision quest
Blood ritual

Your skill choice is somewhat dependent on who you are running with and their skill choices. The more you play this fight, the more you will understand what combos are the most effective.

I would ditch the mempo and go with a mana regen zuni helm.
This is because you will want to be casting stacked bears or well of souls to maximize your dmg output.
Also you could get an alternate mojo with higher dmg since you wont need the pickup radius.

Like gold said, Jaunt is one of the best skills for mp10 uber group fight. I've been in many fights where everyone died but I stayed alive from spirit vessel. When this occurs, run up to their corpse, jaunt then click on them to revive as soon as you can. If you play it right, you have an almost fail-proof revive ability.
mp10 crawling if you dont have 200k dps, survival is one thing, effective farming is another.
thx for the replies guys as my profile indicates i mainly uber on hota barb....that's pro with the jaunt resurrection i love it.
i'm focusing my WD efforts on a proctor build. the guide mentioned that you definitely need 4pc and to go for zuni mojo so you can use visage of guy. sounds like fun and i tried it briefly in some mp1-3 act 3 farming it was pretty hilarious.

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