Advice pls, regearing after hiatus

I've checked out some 100k+ dps ww barb profiles, and it looks like players are foregoing LoH for the standard crit damage base + socketed emerald route, and going Bloodthirst instead of a defensive passive. Right now, I'm comfortably twirling through MP3 with base resistances 670-718, base dps 64k, 39k hp and 2k loH. What kind of stats do I need to swap out my LoH weaps for dat crit base + socket and have my only source of healing be Bloodthirst?

Thanks guys, I look forward to your advice!
100k dps is about the break point for swapping to LS.
There is no breaking point or whatsoever.

You can use d3rawr and check how much LS + DPS = LOH. From there you can determine the easy part for sustenance.

LS is better getting on belt/passive so that your LS can scale as your DPS grow.

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