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I don't know about the rest of you, but I am loving this patch. I'm sure there will be a new cookie cutter that comes around (I've seen a post claiming to be it already), but for now I'm enjoying just experimenting a bit. A lot of options were freed up with the buffs, show off what you have come up with here. I tested these on MP7.

Tried this!bdX!YZYcYc first. A dodge heavy build, had great survivability and AoE dps, but severely lacking in single target. Pull mobs in, blast them out.

Then I tried a few different slight variations of!ZgX!YcacYa but found that to be the best by far so far from what I have done. I am sure this is pretty similar to what others have tried, and what will end up as the cookie cutter. I was really hoping to be more creative than basically switching 1 skill and 1 rune, but there is plenty of time. Casting mantra followed by 2 bells (usually, sometimes only get 1 and can get up to 3 depending on how many mobs are surrounding me), along with a massive burst dps. With 2+ APS and 46% CHC, FoT:Quickening allows me to do this basically at will. I do find myself missing thunderclap a bit though for those runners. Without doing any real tests, I feel like my dps is better than it was before the patch.

What else have people tried?
Currently, I'm running:!bXU!abaYcY

Since I use EF, Quickening is off the table, have to use TC. For spirit gen, I use Infused with Light which does the trick very well. I think Exalted Soul is great in combo with it, I can fill up spirit then mantra, bell spam very nicely.

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