The Challenge: From Lylirra To all Wizards!

As posted by Lyrria over in this thread

anyway, while she is here anyone want to come up with a Wizard Wish list she can pass on to the Devs?

I'm just chillin' at home, but if you want to round up your "top 5 awesome Wizard threads that Lylirra should read," I'm game. I'm betting that I've already seen and passed on most of the feedback (we read the class forums often, even if we don't typically post in them) but hey! You might surprise me.

(PS - Try to surprise me.)

Have At it Lets build a Great list of Feedback that She may haven't seen as of yet.

I'll Go first gonna try and reserve a post for a specific skills "synergy" that I would like addressed.
I by no means have the best possible gear available, no do I come even close, but I do have some insight into a particular skills synergy set that while it was "adjusted" for play in 1.05 has found to slightly underwhelming. The skill in question was in fact Meteor and the changes it received to its proc rate. On the whole blizzard wanted to prevent Meteor from becoming too good to use with critical mass and therefore readjusted its proc rates to where they stand now post 1.05.

Look at my profile, Look at my gear, Not epic yet, but I am getting close to nailing the infinite meteor chain. Does this mean I am farming Faster than if I choose to go with a standard energy twister critical mass wizard. NO, I have that gear too I can full clear Act 3 solo @ mp 5 with in just under 1 hour (56 minutes is my best with Star Pact) Alternately The fastest possible run I have ever achieved is using an CM/WW build centered around Teleport wormhole reducing the total run time to just under 36 minutes. Funny thing my CM/WW gear is actually far FAR less expensive in cost when compared to what I paid for all my meteor reduction gear.

Meteor's Post 1.05 Cannot mathematically compete with Critical mass ET wizard for speed, Should this be a problem? maybe, Blizzard has already made changes to several skills this patch I don't expect anything new, not even in 1.08. But let's be honest here the concept of meteor's becoming too good never came to fruition, even with 1.04 proc rates I still doubt that would be the case because Meteor doesn't scale well with attack speed.

Therefore I would like the proc rates on meteor re-addressed in the Future at some point.

(PS after Wave of Force gets some lovin!)

02/11/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Lylirra
That being said, we are aware that Arcane Orb and every channeled ability not named Archon Disintegrate are not very popular. We have plans to reevaluate the Arcane Orb skill as a whole and are working toward solutions to the innate problem of the Wizard’s channeled abilities: e.g. Wizards are vulnerable when they’re standing still to channel.

Arcane Orb Feedback from PTR

Blizzard buffs one of the Primary runes to do 195%weapon damage and Arcane orb(a Arcane Power spender) only gets buffed to 200% base. Its not high enough and I and many other provided feedback and ideas on how it could hopefully be improved.

Was hoping for a glimmer of information on your ideas or even a timeline for some serious Wizard changes on Arcane Orb and Channeled Spells.
How about fixing the skills that are and have been absolute dog !@#$ since release?

And oh god if we just get "damage buffs", I'm gonna lose it. Damage buffs are just one way of saying "We are too lazy to come up with an actual solution so here, do some more damage or whatever.".
I made a post on the PTR forum a while ago. It was a very long post and didn't get much attention because of that most likely. Here's the link:

If you want something that goes over most of the stuff that's lacking with the Wizard class, and if you guys agree with some of the stuff I mention, you could just link her the thread or whatever.
just made a thread for mirror image:
This thread I think never got any views, who really knows for sure.
The Tal Rasha set bonus post from PTR feedback:
we were driven from the wind-ravaged plains, or nestled deep in mountains, some of us still from much harsher seek refuge in New Tristram...

our powers, our constitutions are failing Lyrria, hope of newer powers yet to be buffed/adjusted...created?

this is what keeps us can not fail in these grave matters...

...wizards need love...
Harrowing, you need to put "for Lylirra" in the title of this!!!
02/13/2013 07:15 PMPosted by jenpeezey
Harrowing, you need to put "for Lylirra" in the title of this!!!

Awesome, thank you. I hope others see this and don't skip over it. Lylirra???
bumping for Lylirra
I'm pretty sure they haven't seen this one yet: or their wizard would be out of nightmare by now.

I think they should had seen this one: but clearly they aren't interested in answering.

/self promotion

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