[Guide] The Cookie Cutter. (1.0.7)

R.I.P. May you always be remembered. Moment of silence..

Looking forward to trying this build out. Takes me back to the pre-60 days where dropping bells was a common thing. It seems this build is gonna be a balance game between moc and bells. Will just have to keep playing with it to get the balance right in the timing and in hitting which skill when appropriate. Getting to learn something is fun in itself so looking forward to this. Also looking forward to using MoE.

The whole point the devs buffed these skills, we barely used, is to give us more variety. Hopefully that is the case. Is it gonna be less cookie-cutter and more, change this skills out to these depending on play style or situation or will there always be a pretty much cookie cutter with only a few change in choices allowed?
I'm no Monk expert, but wouldn't casting Wave of Light do more damage than 3 secs of 24% damage for less spirit?

IE- you should cast Wave rather than extra Mantra
Well, it is a small step but at least in the right direction.

Bells are always the most visually appealing skill monks have. Freaking cool skill, and it makes ppl think you are actually doing something, no one even notices you spamming MoC.
Might be a little derailing here, but I thought it would get a reply in this post. Sorry in advance,

If I were to run a hybrid TR/Bells Build:


And had my gear (which isn't amazing, but should be good enough), and I can't get away from OWE, should I be using Exalted Soul on mp0? Or would I be hitting hard enough and the need to refresh MoH:CB less mean I should use Chant of Resonance.

Just a playstyle idea and thought I'd get your "expert" opinions! Thanks!
Also kinda wished we were less vocal about snapshot; but, alas it is what it is. The Gods have heard and thus determined the fate of many from the mouths of few. We have been stricken down, but may we rise from the ash and be reborn with even greater power and color as a phoenix .
I'm no Monk expert, but wouldn't casting Wave of Light do more damage than 3 secs of 24% damage for less spirit?

IE- you should cast Wave rather than extra Mantra

I just keep moc up at all times spam it a bit more in a group of 4, but generally just keep it up and let the bells do the burst damage rather then moc. Moc spam is more suited to sw builds like classic bbqwtfonly viable build that monks have type of !@#$. As you aren't heavily reliant on spirit spenders.
looks good. really want to try the new WOL.

sorry if this is slightly off topis. I just read the patch note in the launcher and it only mentioned 2 runes (3 maybe? just a quick read) so is this intended? some runes will have their DMG stay the same as 1.06? I thought it was mentioned in ptr and all runes were to be buffed?

edit: self solved. sorry i see how it works now, the other runes just carry the basic DMG of 829% so no need to mention.....
Whoa.. I passed out and woke up 5 hours laters, now the funeral is filled with people. >:D
Thanks fellas, now I shall quote and answer, >:)

(note : idk how to make the names of ppl's quoteblocks show up, they keep disappearing)


Just a quick question for you, however. I have always paired up TGP with MoE/Backlash as it has always provided great synergy for DW monks -- to have MoE/Backlash without it for DW monks would almost seem like blasphemy! Any particular reason you left that passive off your alternative passives list for your "Dust to Dust" build, yet had it part of your "Ashes to Ashes" build that makes no mention of MoE/Backlash? In fact, I'd even suggest TGP in place of Resolve. Anyway, just wanted to get some thoughts.

Edit: Can't get the flowers to show up properly. ugh. erased.

Your lack of flowers disappoint me! >:O
ok see,
- the first build lacks dodge, (Ashes to Ashes) that's why we include The Guardian's Path in it. It is also for the 2handed users that ask, "well, what about us? we need TGP to more spirit"
especially if they want to cast MoC with bells together, which consumes immediately 90 spirit.

- in "Dust to Dust", in order so that it's a balanced suggestion with TGP in the first one, I included The Sixth Sense there, because they are pretty much the same thing, if we put TGP in the 2nd one, the shield users would think, "well, what about us? we can't use this passive. O.o"
You can just imagine TGP is there in the 2nd one, but writing the same 2ndary passive again for the 2nd version is un-artistic! >:D


I look forward to seeing these builds in action, probably by Nameless :p

I'm more of a traditionalist so until theres hard mathematical proof that these WoL builds meet or exceed "old faithful" lol, I'll probably stick with it. Although ideally I would like to use EW while keeping TC, I'll be doing some testing too.

I hafta say though Raahl...its incredibly shocking seeing someone so "enlightened" as yourself, still suggesting people use TC on LMB. I am dissapoint.

- this cat always' gotta get some jabbing in, w/e. so you are "disappoint" or 'dissapoint'?
are you dissing the point, or are you dissing for a, point? :D
- the mathemedics proof of new WoL = old CC, is improbable, there has been quite a few threads about it, and some said old CC did more damage, while some said new WoL did more.
They're both wrong, and they're both right.
- it all depends on how often you crit, how much you hit with WoL, and other factors.
- for me, and those who could snapshot to intense amounts, we had more dps with the old CC because FiTL pretty much doubled my dps at 3.0 aspd.
- but that is history, bro. This is the new age, the 1.0.7 spec, get with the system, homie.
High aspders will be good with with this as well, because when ur fast, you can get more bells in.

- so the final verdict is New WoL ~~ Old CC.


@ jco: thanks homie >:).
@ Joyzse : thanks sweetheart >;)

Actually, you do need Exalted Soul for the first spec, it is a necessity and a cast-dps support utility. because people are hardwired to spam Overawe, Exalted Soul is there in order for them to spam it, and then cast WoL during it. >:)
It makes for a nice lil combo. Overawe + Empower Wave. Which consumes 90 spirit. :<
So without Exalted Soul, that's only 60 spirit left. :<
And also, because Cookiecutter is sought after by many players, and most are average gear and or casual, and they for the most part don't have high attack speed to regain that spirit fast.

Without Exalted Soul, you can only cast Overawe once, and then drop 2 bells that are buff, in that interval. that's 50 + 40 + 40 = 130 spirit. Only 20 left.
With Exalted soul, you can do 50 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 = 250 spirit. That is five bells, where as without Exalted Soul, it would only be 2 bells. >:D


@Dr.uin : thanks doc!

@Kaizer : stun bells is in the crowd control realm, the cookiecutter here is for straight forward hunting, the other runes aside from Empowered Wave are too expensive in spirit for the standard spec. No point in dropping stun bells 'cept for pvp. With EW, you can drop 2 bells instead of one right there, and end up killing the mob already. :]

@Shogun / BabyM / Nicfit
- thanks broz, welcome back.
- cuz this be standard mainstream spec, other BoW runes are alternative styles,
normal monks are just gonna stick with Blazing Wrath.
- quickening is for another spec, not the standard, because quickening doesn't have teleport,
can't chain drop bells on mob when they're knockback'd, it can only gain spirit faster.


Non-OWE monks who want to use the first build should take out Blazing Wrath, put in Foresight, and put Combination Strike in place of OWE. Why use BW and Combi-Strike for 23% when you can use Foresight and Combi-Strike for 34%? Not for the heal, IMO. (Burn an affix on a good globe/potion bonus instead.) Not for the lack of a buff icon, either.

My two cents.

- Combination strike and Foresight are part of duality builds, not standard CC build.
And the style of that spec, is of a different mode than the normal cookie cutter.
Most people don't want to bother with that.
- Foresight has no buff icon, hard for typical ppl to tell, noone wants to do a run thinking,
"damn is the 30 sec over yet? is it on or is it off?! @_@"
And using Foresight only for the buff is whack, if a monk's gonna wield 2 generators, he's gotta be a badass and go "left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right" for good looks! >:P
- Blazing Wrath is a perma-buff, easy to use, and heals. The 15% is a lil bit less than foresight + combi, but it only takes 1 slot, whereas the other takes 2, and for ppl with high dps, the 15% buff give a large chunk of extra dps already, no point in making it more complicated just for another few %.



the holy grail must be kept,
dr is a keeper, he knows what he said. ;D
mind thy words, don't break the oath. ;)

Hey Raahl, if you were to remove Serenity from Ashes to Ashes, what would you put in its place?

- well in AtA, Serenity serves as invulnerability,
those who forego Serenity, can use seven sidious strike in its place. >:D
but that's a lil more advanced, not recommended here cuz SSS is kinda gimp without Beacon of Ytar, and using that as passive here, changes the shape of the standard spec, which would be worthy of another build entirely, and not the CC meant for the majority. >:]



damn! @_@
You didn't address my post, JERK
Good call, I was planning to do pretty much a build like one of these, might tweak it a bit but I love cookies so I will go with cookiecutter.
02/12/2013 03:37 PMPosted by Surly
Good call, I was planning to do pretty much a build like one of these, might tweak it a bit but I love cookies so I will go with cookiecutter.

I too LOVE the cookie cutter. I guess i'm not really a good gamer, I started using it early on and got hooked. After so many hours your brain develops a muscle memory to the build. Anytime I try different skills I get totally off rhythm.
It's all cookie cutter for me :D
Great post CountFury!

I'm still going to have a go with the TC/DR/ComboStrike build for now and swap out FitL with BW.
Alternatively... Cyclone Strike spam! :D
Very nice>:) Thx countfury!

The proc rate on LTK-Ytar is amazing. Here's a video of MP 0 and MP 7 with NO spirit generator... still could spew Cyclones all over the place!


Oh, and nice thread OP!

The proc rate on LTK-Ytar is amazing. Here's a video of MP 0 and MP 7 with NO spirit generator... still could spew Cyclones all over the place!


Oh, and nice thread OP!
Slow and bad.

TR wins.

TR wins.
02/12/2013 10:37 AMPosted by KamelJabber

Can't wait to see where this thread goes.
Tried WoL for the first time today. Lovin it.
P-mac and I ran these builds after work tonight, and wow! They complimented each other very well. I would definitely suggest pairing this combo. I used Ashes with DW and P-mac used Dust with SnB. We ran through MP6 like it was MP1-2.

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