Finally found a spec...

Before the patch I was doing the whole dual wielding Cyclone spam the screen with tornadoes thing. It was ok, but not really my cup of tea. I sold my 1h's and bought a mediocre Skorn.

WoL hits like a MACK TRUCK now! I am clearing MP3 ultra fast since elite packs only last through a SS and a few WoL hits. The only thing that slows me down is spirit, and I am going to work on that.

Seriously though... loving the new patch.
How do you live with the spirit generation? I've never been able to stand the attack speed of 2Hers, which is bad enough, but when you throw in the resource generation being linked to attack speed, it gets intolerable.
Well as you can see I took Exalted Soul and Resonance to help out, and a cheap Radiance which I plan to upgrade when I have the gold.

I actually don't run low unless it's an elite pack, and then im forced to punch a few people before moving on. If I can jump that hurdle this will be a blazingly fast low MP spec.!bcX!YbZYZY

+6 spirit / sec on gear...

dropping bells left and right **DING**DONG**DING**DONG**DING... lol

Quickening works really well with Cyclone strike... few hits and spirit (250 total) is full again... against single target not so much, but critting on 4-5 targets is 60+ spirit per hit from your spirit generator
Tried circular breathing, and it worked SPLENDIDLY!

I will try to fit Cyclone Strike in the mix, but I really like having my sand buddy.
Replaced 7 sided with Cyclone Strike, and WOW!

Pull em all in , and .... DING!

Really nice, and my spirit stays full except for elite packs... course only takes a few DINGs to knock them out.

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