Demonic Essences Tradable?

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02/13/2013 12:15 PMPosted by Barnak
Really hopes it get fixed in this maint, plz do not give botters another easy moneymaker! And to those defending themself by saying they -could- have not be aware it was a exploit i call BS. Don't you think its odd you have to split them and drop em on the floor to make a trade? Ban all those people that abused of the glitch for 30 days, to let them think twice next time before trying to cheat...

are you serious? you should get a life because its people like you that ruins the comunity in game, and in D2 no one prayed in other players BAN, thats for WoW players or for who lacks of self-confidence, is this the ppl that im playing with? damn...
being able to trade demonic essence isnt a crime. i would love to even get rid of them because i do not craft anything at all so whats the big effing deal lol... its naggy people that ruin shiz for everyone else. and think their cool and badass for doing it,, ya i would understand if it was botters and hackers but a dam bug to trade demonic essence lol cmon get a life haha
So what? How does it hurt you or how does it ruin your game experience? Explain in full detail please on how this is a huge problem. :)
Thanks. :)

It definitely isn't a huge problem to me but strangely the dev team would care to even get a hotfix to deal with this than make something out fast to improve the game such as an ID-all button.
And ironically, if you think it's not important, why would they made a hotfix out so soon like it was really important?
This is all in part to Blizzard's stupidity and neglect of the game, so shut your yaps and go abuse the bug until the devs fix it, because it's their fault not ours. I don't play the game anymore, but seriously things like this just eat away at Blizzard's reputation.

We could argue all day long as to how serious an exploit this is and whether or not people should be banned or lose items/gold etc. If you stream doing it, that is both informing Blizzard (if they're smart enough to watch) and encouraging others to cheat (and showing them how), it would have been better to make a pre-recorded video and send it to Blizzard and only *if* Blizzard did nothing/said nothing in response should he have then resorted to streaming it.

As far as the last things you said're simply a bad influence on this community of gamers/forum posters. I thought I was negative and critical, you're far worse and you're encouraging others to cheat in a manner that would negatively affect the game and its players. I think you should be banned from these forums and in fact I wouldn't be surprised if several people reported you.

Good luck with that.
02/13/2013 11:25 AMPosted by Gtss
Will you also be fixing shengs convo achivements,as stated 6 months ago?

it's not in the patch notes, but I finally got the "victory" conversation off shen last night.

I always find it funny how unintended bugs, that have been pointed out during testing, seem to make it to release on a fairly regular bases and then require a hotfix a few weeks later : P

Dontcha think maybe fixing it before servers went live woulda been a better idea? or at least less stupid?

Yes, I do. But until I found that post there was no indication of what they were bringing the servers down for. The message about the downtime itself certainly did not say anything other than some vague stuff about the AH. The thank you wasn't for the fix (you're absolutely right, it should never have gone live with this bug, particularly as it was reported on the PTR for ages). It was for actually giving a small shred of information, which they too often seem a bit loathe to do.

ops! sorry tiakatt! it wasn't your post i meant to quote when i wrote that post. i actually meant to quote vaeflares post. where was my mind....

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