When they 1st showed 1.07 PTR patch notes...

Wasn't there a significant dps boost to most of the spirit generators (FoT, CW, WotHF, DR)?

I could have swore when I first read the proposed changes for monks in 1.07 that the primary spirit generators were getting a large buff in dps in order to shift focus off of MoC:Overawe.

Was that change dropped in favor of buffing these other skills (WoL, DS, CS, etc) or am I making it all up in my head?
There was always a large buff to spirit spenders to give people an alternative to MoC, spirit generators were never getting buffed afaik.
Unfortunately someone in parties still needs to just run MoC spam. Mantras in general are a bit flawed as a concept, and need their functionality overhauled.

That said, generators were never buffed (that would put focus back on MoC:Overawe, since you'd never need to spend spirit on anything else. Spenders were ALWAYS buffed, as they COMPETE with MoC for spirit.
Ok, I guess I smoked a rare enchantress Herb that day...

Thanks for the replies :)

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