1 Vs. 1 Monk Dueling

Please Add me in game @ Adeat#1115

Top Monks Please!
It is brawling now.
Nice, Cayzer wins the duel this round.
I'm game if ya wanna.
puddinghead - hows the marquise ruby compared to the emerald?
02/13/2013 06:51 AMPosted by PuddingHead
I'm game if ya wanna.

PH I like that you went with the Sur Coat to get the the BT bonus. I have been contemplating dropping my BT ammy for such a long time cause of the DPS and eHP restriction it imposes when reaching the higher DPS tiers. You get the Dex Vit and AR so its like an amalgam of Innas and Tals Chests.

OP add me up down to brawl for craps and cackles!
Nice gear puddinghead, looks like you made some changes.

Ruby in MH should work well with SSS.
I'm enjoying a 2h DS and bell build for pvp. Was having a good go against a haunt 0 z dogs build. Was 1 shotting his 50k with the 4 sec armour bonus giving him 10k armour. Unlimited spirit is invaluable.
after trying top gear in PTR and dueling some sick players i'm sorta convinced that monk's best asset is burst damage skills.

With that an marque ruby in MH, or a marque ruby skorn would probably be your best shot.
I tried a bunch of different weapons and setups with ruby vs emerald. (wasted a metric ton of gold) General basis is if you have a healthy CC and CD anyways, the ruby wins out in terms of paper dps. By healthy, they started converging at 30CC and 250-300CD for me.

Thanks! I was contemplating whether or not to drop Inna's altogether. I didn't like the fact that i was tied to that stupid 130 dex set bonus. I had all the pieces instead of the Surcoat so i thought i'd give it a try. So far, it's worked much better for PvP and atrociously in PvE (due to the lack of sustain). Speaking of PvE, plague affix is a beast. Definitely back to my old setup to farm.

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