I love the patch...

And the patch loves me...

3 legs tonight: Inna's belt (okay), Slorak's (decent) and Lacunis (which were crap, but gave me a moment of excitement anyway...)

Scored a couple things to flip in the AH too.

Also had 4 keys drop in a row >_>

I also discovered my new superstition: All of my good legs/rares have dropped in pub games. Anything I get in a private game with friends or soloing has sucked. Pub games = win.

Edit: Oh yeah, also got Dex Razorspikes (in a pub game, of course, same run as the Slorak's and the Inna's)
Me too! 2 legs tonight got 2 legendaries (mp3) and 2 legendaries (mp5)
Awesome :D Find most of my rares are rolling better too, but that may be too much tinfoil >_> I am sure it is a coincidence.
On mp5 I got 2 legendaries from an elite with 1 valor. Its great because honestly it gives people who dont want to spend money on this a chance to get some good items.
I found 0 legendaries tonight but I actually didn't care for once. I was steamrolling MP 7 like I used to steamroll MP 5 with my normal build (everything in my profile right now but with my WH). Afterward a friend who mains a barb joined the game, borrowed some of my spare gear, and we went crazy with bell spam builds in MP 6. It was ridiculously fun and hectic. : )
sound fun for everybodies, I think Monk is the most fun character in D3 right now. Although, monk met many gear barriers such as the most expensive weapons in AH. Before monk is almost the lowest dps and weakness to sustain in game (compared to other characters). Eventually, monk is the hottest and strongest character in D3 right now. :D
People still farm keys? The thought of forging another hellfire ring terrifies me.
That hellfire ring is the reason I got my monk to 60! heh

Forged a dexterity ring, and hellfired my way up.
Dat hellfire fireball shooting through the melee mobs and hitting a wall EVERY TIME. _Intense_ gameplay feature.

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