100 paragon wizard rolling WD -- help w build

Witch Doctor
Will someone view my wizard and tell me what items/stats I need to run a bears build?

How much mana regen do I need for a bears build?
Should I use my crit mempo?
What main hand/off hand do I need?
How much pickup radius do I need?
welcome to the dark side. To answer some of your questions, you should always aim to have mana regen as high as possible. especially for bears. Therefore, your gonna wanna go for a full zuni set. That being said, if you have the cold cash you may wanna get a zuni string of skulls as your off hand (that will help u complete the set and provide regen on its own) In addition, with having the zuni off hand it will free up your helm slot for that mempo. Mempo is a solid item on WD but with a 1H bears build, your not gonna want tooo much IAS or you'll be mana-less in no time. Everyhting else on your Wiz (minus the rare trifecta and gloves) i would just throw on your WD. Pick up radius isnt as crucial, but if plan on lvling in a low MP its good to have fro gruesome feat or grave injustice. usually around 15 pu radius works well enough for me. For a main hand, theres alot of argument between manajumas with a socket and black dmg rare with CD/socket/and LS. Again, if you have money, id say go for the black dmg as itll benefit more from your zuni boots and tals ammy. Hope i addressed most of your concerns, if u have anymore questions u can add me in game Brolo#1563.

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