After roughly 9 months, I finally killed Inferno Diablo

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Congrats man :D
Congrats on finally beating the big guy,

If you are interested, add me as a friend in game and I'll send you a couple million to get started on upgrades. I know how frustrating the game can be when you are undergeared.

I don't know exactly what to look for in stats without turning up nothing. I know how stats function, just how much is too much. When I see a piece of gear, I am told that it is either an upgrade, sidegrade, or downgrade. I will be on either WoW or D3 for friend requests for gear help.
+1 best of journeys and leave no barrel or rock unturned you would be surprised at what you can find
Congratulations on killing the Lord of Terror on Inferno difficulty! You no-doubt faced a lot of trials and challenges on your journey, and I think you should be proud of your accomplishment. :)
What did you think of that epic ending scene? The one where it says "Congrats on finishing Diablo 3...uh...wait for the expansion now, please."
how is it possible to be this bad at something you take at all seriously
02/13/2013 02:26 PMPosted by TeckMan
how is it possible to be this bad at something you take at all seriously

Probably because he plays for fun.
hahahha u give out millions for beginners? how bout me? will u able to extend a helping hand for me to upgrade my wiz? please with cherry on top? *wink wink*
Congratulations! Keep on playing for fun. =) There is PvP too! =D

It was several months ago, but I knew that feeling of frustration of trying to complete the game and not being able to advance. I started out playing the demon hunter, couldn't get past the Butcher in Inferno, switched to the wizard and got stuck at Belial. I got someone to carry me into Act III where I could farm and actually find upgrades. Once I found a couple of pieces of godly gear, things just started falling into place and I was soon putting together the builds that I have now on all my characters. .
02/13/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
If only there were more people like you playing this game. No one is entitled to the best gear. We are all responsible for putting in the time to build up our characters. You have worked within your means and have made improvements where you can. That's not bad. You've accepted responsibility for what you can control and have adapted to a Diablo game. You are much more of a good player than 95% of the trash players on this forum who want everything served to them on a silver platter. I commend you. You GET Diablo.

What he said! :-)
Gratz OP, IM going to try and finally kill diablo inferno on my HC barb sometime this week :P just been putting it off for too long.
Congrats on the achievement.

I don't have the best gear by far. I only ever make a big purchase (for me thats between 4M-10M) if I had found something myself and sold it for the same or greater price. I consider that a "trade".

If you or anyone wants to add me in game, I would be more than happy to share some of the loot I find. Usually I don't even bother trying to AH anything thats worth less than about 200k-500k depending on the item.

iplayforfun, dontjudgeme? Was this a failed attempt at trolling?
02/13/2013 02:32 PMPosted by Ujium
Probably because he plays for fun.


I see what you did there.
playing for 9 months and 2k elite kills i dont see how that is possible

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