Out of 6 amulet crafts...

... the one im currently wearing was the best.

It gave me crazy health, and about 700 damage without any ChC. In all honesty, i expected to spend my 1mil gold and not find anything even close to an upgrade. However, several of the 6 rolls were close-to upgrades, and this one was. So don't completely give up on crafting yet. You might actually make an upgrade.

Edit ~ Once my profile updates, that is...
Nice congrats man! It didn't take you very long to find the plan! Or is there something I'm missing?
I got it off Ghom first kill. I had already cleared the entirety of A4, and done siegebreaker and Azmo. This was only on MP2 however.

Also have the marquise ruby plan, and a couple others. I don't think it will take everyone very long to find their respective amulet plans though. Lots of people seem to be posting theirs in general / trade chat.
Ah nice I may just buy it then thanks man! I wonder how much the emerald ones are going to cost
I bet in less than a week people stop picking them up.
Yep I can't wait to spend 500m+ to upgrade my gems yay! -.-
Nice ammy, I crafted one and it was so bad I left it and I've crafted about 7 shoulder.. nice dex and vita but hard to roll res...
I rolled a prettey sweet pare of trifec gloves but low crit D and attack speed made it a downgrade to mine..

So far I've found the shoulders, gloves, reazorspikes and ammy off 3 random runs
out of 10 crafts, the result is good for my build. "No more Owe" :)

btw, your ammy gives a lot of vit. congrats
The crafting looks good, but yea rolling res is hard, I kept getting lightning res shoulders and bracers, its like the game is trying to make me gear back into OWE :P
Why are we rolling shoulders? Those have SUCH a low chance of ever beating a vile ward (if any) that it's really not worth it. Strength gloves and ammys just in general though, those I could see using at some point.
02/12/2013 10:50 PMPosted by ENFORC3R
The crafting looks good, but yea rolling res is hard, I kept getting lightning res shoulders and bracers, its like the game is trying to make me gear back into OWE :P

Yeah, I got sucked back into OWE tonight lol...
out of 10 amulet.. :)

7th amulets out of my first 10 crafted..
it is not bad.. but i would still using my old amulet (in profile) in higher MP to gurantee better survibility..

+13 min dmg
+9 max dmg
215 dex
58 cold resistance
94 crit dmg
9.5 crit chance

i wish it was not account bound.. lol
No upgrades to be found here!

It's almost as if rolling quadfecta is difficult.

Although VW's roll the desired stats, getting one with 240+dex and Vit/Life% is expensive, atleast 20m with just vit, life% is 30m+, both is 50m+. Sure the +armor and life regen are nice, but ill take the bonus dex and life over both of those any day. Shoulder's are totally worth crafting, unless you have the BiS VW's already.
I crafted 10 ammy's yesterday an had one with 348 dex but the rest of the stats were kinda crappy. Gonna be hard to craft an ammy as good as the one I have. The worst part is that you can't even sell them to try and recoup the costs.
I just made the amulet thats in my profile. I crafted about 27. To bad it isn't Arcane resist ; ;
I got mine also from first 5 or so, lost 6 k dps BUT gained 800+ LoH and life regen. So actually an upgrade for me since my defense aint the best at the moment (543 allres, low life and not too high armor). Now I can farm mp 7+ pretty easily since my dps is high enough.

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