never thought i would get this lucky

check profile was my first ammy roll

Pity no vitality - but still... ooft.
Quite nice indeed, shame no vit though!
Yeah I rolled a good one today too, or at least the ground did lol...
Awesome Ammy! Good job!
yea my old one only had 69 vit

is it worth rolling more???/

and good find gotaplanstan
02/12/2013 08:56 PMPosted by baggins
s it worth rolling more???/

Probably not. I'd probably go with rolling bracers now if I were you. I think thats what I'll be doing too, although some shoulders might not be out of the question either :p

02/12/2013 08:56 PMPosted by baggins
and good find gotaplanstan

Thanks man! Grats on yours too! (forgot to say in first post XD) We sure did get lucky tonight huh :p
yea and I thought il be rolling 200 ammy il try bracers now with higher vit because I lost 69 vit but gained 16k dps gained 200 armour with more dex plus strength
nice roll! hope to be as lucky as you
Nice! I rolled 3 shoulders and came up w some decent ones, good enough to put on my dh and sell the vw that he was wearing anyway.
Check mine it 2nd try.
I made 30 gloves, all crap. one is bi-fecta but I will lose 40 all resis and 7k DPS wtf
moly holy
7th amulets out of my first 10 crafted..
it is not bad.. but i would still using my old amulet (in profile) in higher MP to gurantee better survibility..
+13 min dmg
+9 max dmg
215 dex
58 cold resistance
94 crit dmg
9.5 crit chance

i wish it was not account bound.. lol

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