Echoing fury price check plz

it has 1280 damage with 155dex and 3% life steal, an ideas if its worth anything?
socket? crit?
no socket no crit
Well, it's gone from more gold than you can poke a stick at in your first post, to something under 50m.
Complete stats help in pricing.

How much fear? Most monks and barbs see fear as a liability.

what is the +attck%? That is what an EF is all about.
Price check on this one? Just dropped today, I'm a barb and not sure if I should keep or sell. I'll never find a better weapon:

1310 dps
+258 min
+383 max
+ 40% damage
160 strength
0.25 attacks per second
Attack speed 7%
10.1% chance to fear

Any help would be appreciated
Keep that! Maxx APS and low fear!
yo P it's a keep'r!
Thanks guys, that's great it's a game changer for me that's for sure

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