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Witch Doctor
I missed the tail end of the beta with ISP issues...


Now I see EvilAl3x running around with EF and shield (after he sold all his WD gear for Barb gear and then switched back).


I am assuming I should buy 'crappy' shield and EF then?


Right now only ppl who have killed me are you, alex, and necromancer...

is Necro still rocking the 0s dogs thing with his godly maras?..
Good to have ya back
I have for the most part been retired from D3 since the holidays. However, I do not have plans yet to unload banked gear, I still have all previous setups.

If the thought of pvp intrigues you, my detailed brawling impressions can be found below. Unfortunately I have confirmed, WDs will not be able to compete with Barbs at the endgame gear levels available today.

Towards the tail end of PTR I was intrigued by Chuck's challenge post of going ~100-2 in which a Barb named Alienblaster bested him. Although I did not get a chance to play Chuck's new setup, up until that point with both my max ehp and dps pvp dogs setup I was also unbeaten vs the top ehp/pvp players of other classes. I had successfully sought out majority of the top pvp score geared players from d3progress on ptr and I urged them to experiment with a wide range of skills to further our understanding of what worked. I was content the WD class at the highest gear levels would not be bested by outsiders, even if certain WD vs WD setups could hard counter one another internally.

To give you a reference of both, my ehp dogs setup comes in at roughly 1.4m, with 2.53 as. With active healing from dogs it is essentially in the 3.5m hp range. My dps version comes in at 252k dps, at considerably less hp, but is at the theoretical max dps with the setup.

I finally found the Barb Alienblaster on ptr and we had an extended session in the spirit of testing and here are my conclusions. I will not reveal his exact setup, he's earned it - but it's only a matter of time before it goes mainstream. Although I played under conditions of the reduced mana bug, I do not suspect that had much effect on the outcome as pertaining to a dogs setup.

His use of sprint, and crit enhancers along with fury generation allowed him to lap circles around the scorched chapel unhindered. He could not be slowed, and certainly could not be kept up with for more than the duration of our speed buffs. Coupled with extremely high regen, and high block he was able to choose when to fight and engage on his terms, every time. Once at an adequate level of fury I suspect he weapon swapped to a 2hander and proceeded to unload all cds to achieve max crit hota strikes (correct me if it's not possible to retain fury on swap, the animation distorted my view).

If I popped my cds in an effective manner and I was able to land a streak of crits to bring him near death, he sprinted off and reset the fight for 2+ mins to regain cds. Chasing his setup was futile as he was sprinting nearly nonstop while regaining health.

In the absence of a crit streak from my setup I was dead if I stood my ground, while he remained at 25% health on average.

If I chose to run once he engaged and use line of sight to wait out his cds I could play to a draw by healing at every open opportunity, however at no point would I be able to engage him at will and thus I felt quite powerless even with that tactic. While the potential to play to a draw with dogs seemed certain, it was a huge chore to maintain.

The other point of contention was that my gear is essentially maxed out for the purpose of the dogs pvp setup. He was at about 90% max potential.

In the end I did manage to kill him once because he refused to back out and I landed a streak of crits while eating 100% crits from him - but when played efficiently he was able to reset the fight and reengage at his discretion every time and there is not a single spell in our lineup that can stop that.

Once his gear composition and play style become mainstream, Barbs will not only continue to reign supreme in PVE, but will be untouchable in PVP as well. For now Alienblaster the Barb is the top pvp setup in the game.
Chuck add me to your friends list! I've got a pvp build I want you to see :)
Yo sayga you can skype me if you want. at this point my pvp knowledge could fill a book so dont wanna type for days.

Zecro lets do a 1v1 I know we were pretty even when we battled on the first day of ptr.

and I wrote a response to the barb thing in the other thread.

Go kill Joch so he'll be quiet and slink back over to the Barb Forum.

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