Dropped Marquoise Topaz plan. How to price?

Just dropped one =/
I sodl Ruby already for 200m
Dang =/ Anyone want my Topaz plans for 50 mil? I'm not quite rich enough to dip into Marquoise
Where'd you sell the marquise ruby? Privately? Or was AH up at some point?
AH up early
Damn, wish it had stayed up. I found the marquise ruby plan right after I read your post, but no more AH :(
AH back up, price down to 13 mil for marquise ruby, avg on the day of closer to 50 mil.
crazy how fast it drops in price, soon will be worth a mil
these things drop like crazy, get as much as you can for it now. within a few days all the plans will be dirt cheap.
I just sold mine for 6.5 mil, lol. I tried to price it above the sell price and the price dropped in half in 18 minutes so I just sold.
Been selling all plans since game came back up. They are down by 90% in price already. Still made many many mil.
Whoever bought at 200 million is a eff ing moron. Seriously there will be 100k of them on AH by morning and worth 1m or less. I for one will not be wasting money in marquis. Anyone that is using these has far too much time on their hands. Dumbest addition to 1.07 in my opinion.

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